Eddie Edwards - Baseball Bat Segment On Impact (Contains Spoilers), Last Chancery On Twitch, More

- Above is a preview video for Last Chancery which will air exclusively on Twitch on March 9 at 8pm ET. As long as Aries retains the Impact World Championship against Johnny Impact on March 8 at Impact: Crossroads, the main event will feature Aries defending against Matt Sydal and Kongo Kong.


- The following contains minor spoilers for this week's episode of Impact. During the most recent tapings in January, Sami Callihan faced Eddie Edwards in match. Afterwards, Callihan accidentally hit Edwards in the head with a baseball bat as he swung the bat into a chair near Edward's face. The bat ricocheted and hit Edwards, which reportedly caused broken bones in his face, a broken nose, and cuts that had to glued shut. According to PWInsider, the match and baseball bat segment after will be shown in their entirety on this week's episode. They don't plan on shying away from showing what happened. Back in January, Edwards joked about the incident while in the hospital.


- Impact Wrestling continues to send out fan surveys to find out how Impact did each week, who fans enjoyed the most, and who they want to see more of in the future.