Elias spoke with The Wrap on the cost of breaking numerous guitars, writing his own material, and singing at Elimination Chamber. Here are some of the highlights:

If he'll sing while waiting in the Elimination Chamber pod, since he gets to come out last:

"I don't know yet, man. If that's the case if I have my guitar and I'm able to do my songs, I absolutely will create a few songs for the Chamber."

Writing his own songs:

"I always have a full song prepared, because I cannot bank on the crowd booing anything. I could go out there and tell them to shut their mouths and listen to my song, there's always a chance they could shut their mouths and listen to my song."

The cost of breaking too many guitars:

"When you're at the level that I'm at at 'Monday Night Raw' you don't gotta worry about things like that."

Elias also discussed more about the Elimination Chamber. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.