Enzo Amore's Accuser Says She Was Released From Mental Hospital On Friday, Has Personality Disorder

Philomena Sheahan, who publicly accused Eric Arndt, a.k.a. Enzo Amore, of rape on Twitter last month, and alleged that Layla Shapiro (@toopoor_) and designer Tyler Grosso were involved, posted the video above this weekend. Sheahan, who never mentioned Arndt by name in the message, admitted that her previous videos "are not in my favor" and that it's "obvious why no one's believing me."

Sheahan claimed that she attempted suicide recently by taking 16 times the amount of Trazadone, an antidepressant, as prescribed. She admitted that she's been getting a lot of hate on social media.

Sheahan said that she has been sexually assaulted four times in her life. She said that she wished that women didn't make up sexual assault allegations for money and fame because she wanted for every woman who was really a victim of sexual assault to "get their justice."

She said that she is 12 days sober as of when the video was recorded, is on new medication and got out of a mental hospital last Friday.

"I'm f--ked in the head, but I don't understand how someone [Arndt] can be so f--ked in the head and be so evil and malicious to do that to someone. Someone that they just met," she said.

Towards the end of the video, Sheahan stated that she's trying to change and noted that she has personality disorder.

"I have borderline personality disorder," she said. "I have six diagnoses: anorexia, anxiety, depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, PTSD. With all of those, I am constantly evolving and not, if that makes any sense. I am constantly changing. Like, I was a Trump supported a year ago. Ew. Two weeks ago I had no hope, two weeks ago I attempted suicide and now I'm here, far, far, away from where I was. Far, far away from my family. All for what?"

Arndt has been silent regarding the accusations since being released by WWE last month, but he did issue this statement on January 23rd via his attorney:

Over the last two days, Philomena Sheahan has made multiple public accusations against Eric Arndt (also known as Enzo Amore with the WWE), including allegations of sexual misconduct concerning an October 2017 incident in Phoenix. Mr. Arndt fully and unequivocally denies those accusations. He is cooperating with the authorities in this matter and looks forward to having it resolved in a timely manner. Neither Mr. Arndt nor his counsel will be making any further public comments on this matter.

A former friend of Sheahan's, Sam Cook, recently shared a group text exchange from the night of the alleged rape incident where she confirmed having sex with Arndt, but seemed to suggest that it was consensual. Sheahan responded by stating that those texts where "completely out of context."

Amber Justice contributed to this article.


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