Over the past several weeks, filmmaker and reporter Jon Bravo has released interviews with former Iron Addicts Gym owner Richard Rodriguez regarding clients of his steroid distribution ring. Rodriguez and his company, Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC (WFN), were accused of being involved in a distribution chain that imported goods from China, then manufactured illegal steroids in Arizona before distributing them out of the Miami area. In an early interview, Rodriguez said that he implicated Roman Reigns, as well as actors Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel, as clients of his in order to get a better plea deal.

Rodriguez also explained why WWE is strict about their testing policy, but no one can have a build like many of the competitors without consuming some kind of substance.

“Well, we all know that WWE is a publicly traded company and they claim to possess some of the most strict testing requirements for their athletes,” said Rodriguez. “However, the harsh reality is those kind of physiques are never attainable without drugs… you cannot walk around 250-plus pounds, four percent body fat, without using [substances]. Hence why it’s sad to see these kind of people that are considered role models mislead the public and their follower.”

Bravo went to Instagram this week to respond to reports of this story being fabricated.

“My platform is not a platform based upon rumors,” wrote in a message that he tagged us in. “Everything released or stated is based upon 100% facts that have thoroughly investigated and verified by the appropriate sources. The evidence I have received including the Laptop used by WFN was released in a court proceeding and is 110% genuine. If there are any questions about the legitimacy of those items please contact my attorney or the attorney of Richard Rodriguez with any additional questions. Lastly I would not risk my career or reputation on anything that was not based upon 100% facts. More details to follow.”

In addition to Reigns being implicated, Bravo also revealed that there are about 15 past and present WWE names who have been clients of Rodriguez.

Wrestling Inc. asked Bravo why Reigns was the only WWE name mentioned, and if it was because there is not enough evidence for the other names.

“Yes, on every individual that Richard has named I do my due diligence to carefully go thru every piece of evidence as well as verify contact information etc.,” Bravo replied (sic). “The Reigns case is unique because of the way orders were placed and delivered. The reason why I have done each client individually was because all 3 have came out and said they did not know of WFN nor Richard Rodriguez. I am giving detailed information for each person to show that the evidence I have is legitimate and they did indeed place orders with WFN. Once this evidence is shown I will not have to show this level of evidence on each individual. Besides WWE and former WWF stars there are UFC, NBA and NFL players as well. It’s a really big case and I am coming up with a plan besides the film to provide that information for everyone. The film itself is not a film meant to expose people but portray a message and the big names help deliver that message to the public. Hope that helps. Thanks!”

Bravo also revealed in his recent video that the records of Reigns’ phone calls and text messages with Rodriguez will be released in the next video, and it will be posted “very early next week.”

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