Finn Balor And Matt Hardy Hype RAW Match, AJ Styles Games, Tyler Breeze On WWE Traveling Overseas

- Above, AJ Styles games with Xavier Woods in Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball. Styles talked about how he got into video games as a kid and once beat Super Mario World in one night.

- Tyler Breeze spoke with Sky Sports on how much he (and the entire WWE roster) enjoy returning to Britain and Ireland for their overseas tour.

"We don't get to go there too often so when we do show up, the crowds are a little bigger and they're very, very excited to see everything that they watch every week on TV in front of their faces, live," Breeze said. "When we go over there we're so excited because the crowds are so excited and you can't help but feed off that energy and give it back. As soon as we finish those tours, we can't wait to go back. We're literally sitting here waiting to see what the schedule is going to be and what cities we're going to be going to. It's something that we get to look forward to. Some of those shows are so much fun."

Breeze also spoke about the creative chants that English crowds come up with and how he usually has to ask after his match what the chants meant.

"They all have a little trait that stays with you," Breeze said. "You almost have to get people to explain sometimes when the chants break out. You'll be in the ring wondering what they're saying. It's a big thing over there and it's great that people get into it that much. It's all part of the atmosphere and the culture and it's really cool to see people that into what we do."

- In the video below, Gallows and Anderson talked with Matt Hardy and ask about where they could find a dilapidated boat, among other "Broken Universe" items. Finn Balor soon entered and hyped his upcoming second chance match for the final spot in the Elimination Chamber match. On Monday it will be Balor, Hardy, Apollo Crews, and Bray Wyatt battling it out for the last spot. Hardy said he plans on deleting Bray and winning the match, Balor said that last part is something they will have to disagree on.


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