Former WWE writer Vince Russo recently went to his podcast to comment on a statement made from Triple H claiming that Russo does not know how to end storylines, and cited an example being the Rebellion pay-per-view in 1999. Russo also posted on Twitter his dissatisfaction with Triple H’s comments, urging him to “get his facts straight.”

Apparently, there was an “amnesia” angle that Stephanie was a part of at the event after the British Bulldog threw a garbage can and it accidentally hit her, but was never followed through. According to Russo, Triple H added that this angle was written because he and Ed Ferrara did not know where they were ultimately going with the Stephanie-Test angle. Russo stated that he did not know anything about this angle, and the dates given when the angle was supposed to transpire did not line up with the time he was there.

Russo also stated that the culmination of the Stephanie McMahon and Test marriage angle was always set in stone.

“Ed [Ferrara] and I knew all along where we were going with the Stephanie-Test storyline,” said Russo. “It was never in question. Our plan all along was for Test to stand her up at the altar. That was the plan, and we were going to make Test a heel. And Test was gonna have an issue with Shane, and the whole family. That’s where we were going. We never wrote a story [that] we didn’t know where the thing was going.”

Russo stated that he was in Atlanta with Ferrara making a deal with WCW, and he did not write for the Rebellion UK event which aired on October 2. In fact, he would later recall that he left WWE for WCW in September, a couple weeks before Rebellion. He added that Patt Patterson, Jim Ross, and Bruce Prichard would book house shows, and there could have been a segment where an amnesia angle was created after “they did the gimmick thing with the [British] Bulldog and what it looks like is like it kinda ricocheted off of something and hit Stephanie. That was probably an accident, and [WWE] probably used that as some kind of amnesia angle once Ed and I left, [until] they figured out what they wanted to do.”

To fans, the conclusion of the angle was Triple H marrying Stephanie McMahon while she was passed out days before her wedding with Test, which enraged Stephanie. Stephanie would turn heel just a couple of weeks later during the main event of Armaggedon and betray her father Vince, which commenced the McMahon-Helmsley Regime.

If any portion of these comments are used, be sure to H/T The Brand via Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Vince Russo’s The Brand

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