Impact Wrestling Results (2/8): Knockouts Title Match, Lashley Gets Attacked, #1 Contender Match

Welcome to our live coverage of Impact on POP, which will begin at 8pm ET! Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments section, share our coverage of tonight's episode through social media, and REFRESH for the most up to date coverage. Tonight features the fallout from Austin Aries winning the Impact Global Championship, Hania vs. Amber Nova, EC3 vs. Moose vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Johnny Impact (#1 Contender's Match), and more!


- Recap of Austin Aries defeating Eli Drake for the Impact World Championship on last week's show.

- Earlier today we see Moose, EC3, Alberto Al Patron, and Johnny Impact enter the building before their number one contender match.

- Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt are the new commentary team. Jeremy Borash (and Mathews) originally did commentary for these tapings, but those were dubbed over tonight.

El Hijo del Fantasma and Rohit Raju vs. Matt Sydal and Taji Ishimori


Back and forth action between Sydal and Raju to get us started. Sydal tagged out and back in, continuing to dominate Raju for their entire time in the ring. Ishimori in, but doesn't last long as Sydal comes in. In comes Fantasma and drops both Sydal and Ishimori, then goes for a pin, but Sydal is able to grab the bottom rope as we head to break.

Fantasma with a surfboard submission on Sydal. Ishimori runs into the ring, runs past his partner, and knocks Raju off the apron. He then goes and gets Sydal out of his submission. Sydal with a nasty spinning kick and gets one himself from Raju that sends Sydal to the floor. Raju with a suicide dive out on Sydal. Fantasma tries for thrill of the hunt, reverse, gets kicked to the floor. Ishimori with a moonsault off the second rope to the floor. Raju and Ishimori back in the ring, armbar submission on Ishimori who rolls out of it and tags in Sydal.

Double team work on Fantasma, who is able to fight his way out with two tilt-a-whirl backbreakers. Modified GTS by Fantasma on Sydal, pin, two. Fantasma up to the top rope, Raju gets kicked out of the way and then a nice leaping hurricanrana on Fantasma by Sydal. Double knees to Raju's face by Ishimori and Sydal with a shooting star press for the win.


Winners: Matt Sydal and Taiji Ishimori via Pinfall

- Austin Aries spoke with the media after winning the title. He said he knew he would win the title, but he didn't expect it to be on the first night. He says he's not necessarily on the roster and isn't signed with Impact. He says he can travel the world and defend it anywhere. Drake shows up all super angry and wants a rematch, Aries quickly agrees. Aries says to go get ready for it, so Drake doesn't have any excuses. Next week, it will be Eli Drake vs. Austin Aries for the Impact World Championship.

- GWN flashback of the week match with Austin Aries taking on Bobby Roode. Roode tries to cheat to win, doesn't work. He gets mad and shoves the ref, Aries nearly hits a brainbuster, but Roode escapes and shoves him into the referee. Roode grabs the title and clocks Aries right in the face. Roode wakes up the ref, pin, super slow count, and Aries escapes before three. Aries with a kick to the head, brainbuster, Aries picks up the victory to win the title.


Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley vs. TECH (Monroe and Trevor Read)

Both Lee and Konley have bandannas on as they mock LAX. Match gets going and TECH is able to get in some offense on Konley to kick things off. Trevor gets kicked in the back by Lee on the apron to slow him down. In comes Lee with some big chops and does some more taunting. Konley and Lee go to work on Trevor. Monroe tries to come in, ref stops in, Lee just randomly comes in and launches Trevor across the ring.

Dropkick/powerbomb combo, Trevor is able to kick out. Lee is in and Trevor shoves Konley into Lee, nearly gets to his partner, but Lee runs over, knocks Monroe off the apron and lands a huge punt to his face. Spiked piledriver on Trevor Read and that will end it.

Winners: Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley via Pinfall

- Post-match, LAX shows up on the big screen. Konnan says they are a bunch of wanna-be pretenders and if Lee and Konley wants some then LAX is coming. LAX music plays and Lee/Konley nervously bounce from the ring.


- Backstage, Allie meets up with Keira Hogan and Allie says she's super impressed with Hogan's win over Laurel Van Ness last week. Allie gets a "top secret" envelope from some random guy. It's a giant card that says "Meet me in the Impact Zone the day after Valentine's day. You're secret admirer" Hogan just shrugs it off and says good luck with that as she heads to the ring.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell spoke with Moose about tonight's #1 Contender Match. Moose says he's played college football and NFL and didn't made it to the big game either time. The same has occurred since he's been in Impact when it comes to the Impact World Championship and he plans on changing that.

Kiera Hogan vs. Laurel Van Ness (Impact Knockouts Championship)


Kiera with a dropkick and early pin attempt on Laure, kicks out at one. Laurel with a curb stomp to the bottom turnbuckle. Laurel yells a bunch at the crowd and tosses her gloves as she flips Kiera around by her hair. Laurel tries for a pin, one. Laurel tells the ref "You better learn how to count!" She then chokes Kiera on the middle rope and whacks her in the back of the head.

Kiera put in the corner, big splash by Laurel who looks like she's more possessed tonight than usual. Laurel tires for unprettier, nope. "Kiera!" chant break out from the crowd as she hits a crossbody off the second rope. Big kick to the head, pin, Laurel gets her arm across the bottom rope. Laurel gets up, whips Kiera into the ropes, hits the unprettier for the win.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via Pinfall to retain the Impact Knockouts Championship

- Post-match, Laurel beats up on Kiera and shoves away the referee. Kicks in the corner as Allie charges in and lands a few clotheslines and a codebreaker. Allie grabs the title and tries to hit Laurel, but she escape.


- Parking lot, oVe looks to be scouting out Lashley as they laugh all creepy like.

- Backstage, McKenzie is with EC3 on tonight's #1 Contender's Match. EC3 says he's the best guy here, there, or anywhere and he's the true one percent of this industry. He continues that he will fulfill his destiny as a 3-time Impact World Champion.

- Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs with Kongo Kong. Jacob says despite what anyone says, he's a good guy. He was very clear that he just wanted Abyss to show up this week, but no Abyss. Jacobs says he doesn't like to repeat himself, so he says if Joseph Park won't bring Abyss then they will drag out the monster.

- Matt Sydal gives props to Ishimori as a X Division Champion and says he will face Fantasma next week.

- Parking lot again, still checking out Lashley. oVe rushes and attacks him with a pipe. They toss Lashley in the trunk of a car as they look to the camera, "Thumbs up! Thumb downs!" says Callihan.


Hania vs. Amber Nova

Amber Nova comes to the middle of the ring to shake hands, with her left hand. Hania says no thanks and tries for a cheap shot, but gets popped instead. Hania gets control of the match as she chokes Nova's neck over the second rope. Hania with an ax kick, pin, two. She instantly tries for another, but no luck. Hania yells at Nova and shakes her head with furious anger.

Nova gets back into the match with a dropkick and then another boot to the face. Nova snatches Hania's neck and yanks her into the top turnbuckle. Nova tries for a hurricanrana, but gets powerbombed to the mat. Hania hits a reverse DDT, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Hania via Pinfall

- Post-match, Rosemary runs in from the crowd and swings at Hania. Screaming as she chokes away at Hania, Rosemary then tries for Red Wedding, but Hania runs away. Rosemary smiles and bows to Hania as her music hits.


Moose vs. EC3 vs. Johnny Impact vs. Alberto El Patron (#1 Contender Match for Impact World Championship)

Moose pairs off with EC3 on the floor as Alberto and Johnny battle in the ring. Alberto randomly decides to head to the outside and slams Moose's head into the steel steps. EC3 and Alberto work away at Moose and then the duo focuses their attention on Johnny. Action works its way back into the ring with Johnny keeping everyone down. Nobody really dominating this match thus far, but EC3 and Alberto are working together well as a team thus far.

Well, that team didn't last long as they start swinging away at each other. Johnny with a slow rotation corkscrew from off the top rope. Johnny with a nice kick to Alberto, tries for a pin, but Moose breaks that up. Moose with a pop-up Powerbomb on Johnny, big boots to Alberto and EC3. Superkick to Moose and all four wrestlers are down. All four get up and start wildly swinging away at each other as we head to break.


Back from break, action spills out into the crowd with Alberto tossing Moose into the barricade. Moose holding his knee after that crash. Johnny then gets thrown into the steel steps. Alberto tosses by EC3 and Johnny into the crowd. Moose is being checked on by doctors as Johnny swings aways on Alberto with some crutches. Alberto then dumps Johnny into a trash can for a moment, chaos! Johnny ends up taking the trash can and drops it on both EC3 and Alberto. "This is awesome!" chant from the crowd.

Crazy DDT by Alberto on Johnny who sold the hell out of that DDT. Moose still down on the outside as EC3 and Alberto work away on Johnny. They try for a double super suplex, but Johnny tries for a double float over powerbomb, but no luck. Moose finally makes his way back into the ring and helps Johnny with double powerbombs. Moose trying to get involved and hits a discus clothesline on Alberto, headbutt on Moose. Moose really selling his knee injury as he lumbers slowly from corner to corner. Go to hell attempt, countered by hurricanrana. One percenter by EC3 on Moose. Swinging neckbreaker on EC3, pin, kick out at two! Alberto back in, backstabber to Moose as he goes right after EC3, stunning him, goes for the cross armbreaker on EC3. Moose with a running senton to break that up. Alberto clotheslined out to the floor, Moose for some reason tries for a baseball slide, nope, gets dropped out on the floor. EC3 and Johnny in the ring, EC3 tries for a roll-up, nope. EC3 tries for a one percenter, Johnny is able to counter and roll through for a pin, 1-2-3! Really great main event tonight by everyone involved.


Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall to become the #1 Contender for the Impact World Championship