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– Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt welcome us in as we get right to the first match.

Sami Callihan (with Jake and Dave Crist) vs. Lashley

Lashley comes down with a purpose after getting attacked by oVe last week in a parking lot. Lashley with a spear attempt early, Callihan dodges it, but gets dropped anyways. Dave and Jake try to get involved from the outside, but he throws them both down. Callihan with a running knee from the apron. Referee starts his ten count, Lashley gets in at 8. Callihan throws Lashley right back out and hits a tornado DDT on the floor. Ref starts up another ten count.

Lashley back in and hits a vertical suplex, Jake attacks from the floor again, Callihan dumps Lashley to the floor yet again. A couple tosses into the barricade by Callihan who goes back into the ring to distract the referee as his family attacks. Callihan tosses some poor unfortunate soul. Lashley gets sat down in a chair, couple chops to the chest, Callihan runs around the ring for a big move, but Lashley stands up and hits a spear.

Back from break, both wrestlers in the ring, Lashley with a crossbody and a spinebuster. “Bobby!” chant breaks out as he looks for a spear. Callihan catches him in a guillotine choke though. Lashley is able to stand up and power slams Callihan down, pin, two. Callihan able to recover, sitout powerbomb, two. Lashley fired up now as Callihan sends a big kick to his face. Lashley picks up and drops Callihan, spear lands, pin and in comes Jake and Dave to cause the DQ.

Winner: Lashley via DQ

– Post-match, Dave and Jake Crist continue to stomp away at Lashley, but in comes Eddie Edwards for the save. Lashley lifts and sends Jake out to the floor on Callihan.

– Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis. Drake talks about Austin Aries and says he’s still the recognized champion despite what Aries did previously. Drake says nobody can stop him and he can’t stop being the champ, and that’s just a fact of life.

– LAX Lair, Konnan talks about expanding operations in Mexico while the group just joked around with each other.

– GWN Flashback of the Week is the wedding between Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness. Sutter ends up saying no to Van Ness, kicking off her “Hot Mess” gimmick. Sutter announces his love for Allie and people fight around them.

– Backstage, Allie heads into the building and suddenly stops when she hears a strange laugh. Allie gets a note from her secret admirer to meet her someplace in the arena.

– Backstage, Austin Aries talks about tonight’s match against Eli Drake. Aries says he doesn’t think anyone thought he’d come in and won the title right off the bat, but he got an opportunity and seized that opportunity. He says he wants to make a difference in Impact and the only way to do that is to be on top. He plans on walking out tonight as the Impact World Champion.

– Backstage, McKenzie talks to Moose about costing Alberto El Patron the number one contender spot last week. Moose doesn’t really care, Alberto suddenly shows up and the two brawl off-camera.

Rosemary vs. Hania

Hania tries for the sneak attack, but gets dumped. “Rosemary!” chant instantly breaks out. Hania thrown into the corner, Rosemary charges in, misses, Hania with a couple strikes. Rosemary tries again, misses and hits the turnbuckle. Hania with a spinning wheel kick, pin, two. Rosemary with the upside down submission on the ropes. She heads to the top rope, goes for a dropkick and misses, landing hard on the mat.

Hania with a facebuster and howls to the skies. Hania tries for a DDT, Rosemary escapes, ax kick to Rosemary’s back. Hania heads to the top rope and lands a crossbody, but Rosemary uses the momentum to get a pin of her own.

Winner: Rosemary via Pinfall

– Post-match, Hania whacks Rosemary in the back and tosses Rosemary out to the floor. Hania chucks Rosemary into the steel steps and looks to do something on the steps, but Rosemary bites her arm and attempts Red Wedding on the floor. Hania able to escape and run away. “Better get your shots, sweetie,” Rosemary yells.

– Backstage Matt Sydal is trying to help Johnny Impact stretched out. Sydal talks some weird spirtual talk and Johnny just rolls with it.

– Backstage, EC3 welcomes back Tyrus as they head to the ring.

– Backstage, Allie is wandering the halls of the arena looking for her secret admirer. She stumbles upon a heart-shaped box with a card. As Allie read the card, Laurel Van Ness popped up from out of a box, and Allie smacks her in the face with the box of chocolates. Allie throws Laurel back in the box and stomps off, returns for a moment, kicks the box, and then heads off again.

EC3 and Tyrus vs. Johnny Impact and Matt Sydal

Johnny and EC3 gets us started. Johnny and Sydal able to take care of EC3. EC3 draped over the top rope, Sydal with a double stomp. Tyrus finally makes his way in and drops both guys. Sydal with a number of big kicks to finally chop down the big man. Standing moonsault on Tyrus, Sydal tries for a crossbody off the second rope, but gets headbutt instead. Big heart punch on Sydal.

EC3 gets in there and hits a nice stalled vertical suplex before bringing Tyrus back in. Sydal gets flattened near the corner, goes for a big splash off the second rope, Sydal moves and bring in Johnny (who’s the number one contender for the Impact World Championship). Johnny hits a spinning neckbreaker on EC3, pin, two. EC3 with a knee and clothesline that sends Johnny to the floor.

Sydal comes in and hits a jumping knee to EC3’s jaw. Sydal heads to the top rope and tries to splash Tyrus who catches him in mid-air and rams in him into the edge of the ring. Back in the ring, Johnny sends EC3 chest-first into the corner. Tries to springboard off off the ropes, Tyrus flips him off the ropes, EC3 goes for a pin with his feet on the ropes, 1-2-3.

Winners: EC3 and Tyrus via Pinfall

– Park, Park, and Park Office, Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong get into the building and check out what it looks like. Jacobs said he was expecting a lot more from Joseph and Abyss. He continues “We asked politely, but Abyss will eventually come out.” Jacobs then tells Kongo Kong to “burn it down” as he destroys everything in the room. A photo of Joseph’s Grandma is hung on the wall and it’s the final thing Kongo Kong destroys.

Brian Cage vs. John Cruz

This is Cage’s debut for Impact Wrestling. He goes up against a much smaller opponent. He instantly gets dropped and then thrown basically from one corner to the other corner of the ring. Cage then hits a powerbomb/bucklebomb combo, but he’s not done. Discus lariat and a nasty piledriver will finish things.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

– Backstage, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley decide to seek out LAX. They check a random room and it’s just Fallah Bahh eating a bunch of candy. Bahh covers it up and groans at the duo. They see two masked men walking backstage and for some reason think LAX would dress up like that and attack both guys. It’s not LAX.

Ishimori (c) vs. El Hijo del Fantasma (X Division Championship)

Bit of a stalemate in the beginning, Fantasma ends up on the floor, Ishimori looks to fly, nope, Fantasma walks away from that. Crowd seems into the match, bit of a split crowd for the champion and challenger. Fantasma lifts Ishimori and drops him across the top rope. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Fantasma, pin, two, and we head to break.

Ishismori looks to fly with a flip over the top rope, taking out Fantasma. Both wrestlers back in the ring, Ishimori with double knees in the corner, double stomp, Fantasma able to grab the bottom rope. Fantasma looking for the arrow from the depths of heel and takes out Ishimori. Lot of action on the floor, Ishimori with a moonsault from the corner down to the floor. Fantasma makes his way to the ring and heads to the top rope, lands a crossbody, pin, two.

Ishimori recovers and hits the double knees to Fantasma’s face. Ishimori heads to the top rope and lands the 450 splash, covers, 1-2-3.

Winner: Ishimori via Pinfall to retain the X Division Championship

Austin Aries (c) vs. Eli Drake with Chris Adonis (Impact World Championship)

Fairly split crowd for this one right off the bat. Aries with a number of pin attempts early on, Drake kicks out and rolls to the floor to regroup. Aries kicks his feet up on the top rope in the corner while he waits for Drake to come back into the ring. Lots of back and forth striking as Drake tries to slow down the champion in the corner. Aries with multiple shoulder charges in the corner as we head to break.

Lots of strikes from Aries until Drake finally hits a big boot to drop him to the mat. Drake strangles Aries across the second rope, followed up by a leg drop over the second rope. Pin attempt, not even a one count. Drake with a slingshot sending Aries into the second rope. “Who’s the champion?” Drake yells. Drake tries for a knee drop, Aries moves out of the ray. Springboard moonsault off the top rope by Drake, but nobody home. Back and forth punches until Drake sends Aries up and over to the apron. Neckbreaker on the ropes by Aries and he heads up to the top rope.

Big missile dropkick sends Drake down, pin, two. Aries showing some frustration now. Aries up to the top again, Drake leaps all the way up to the top rope, superplex, holds on, gravy train, Aries kicks out! Aries tries for a brainbuster, Drake counters and tosses Aries down to the mat. Drake charges in and gets tossed to the floor. Adonis checks on Drake as Aries flies and a suicide dive takes down Adonis. Aries checks on the front row and gets dropped back first off the ring apron.

Back in the ring, Drake looking for the gravy train, gets countered into last chancery. Aries breaks it and knocks Adonis off the apron. Drake with a quick roll-up, two. Aries with a spinning forearm, brainbuster, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Austin Aries via Pinfall to retain the Impact World Championship

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