Impact Wrestling Results (2/22): Who's The Number One Contender?, Moose Vs. Alberto El Patron, LAX

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- Earlier today, EC3 enters the building with Tyrus not far behind. EC3 will take on Johnny Impact to determine the number one contender for Austin Aries' Impact World Championship.

- Recap of last week's Impact World Championship match between Austin Aries and Eli Drake. Aries picked up the pinfall victory.

LAX vs. Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley (Non-Title Match)

Lee and Konley out mocking LAX again waving gang signs and wearing bandannas. Ortiz and Santana don't wait for their opponents to get to the ring and strike first on the outside. "LAX!" chant breaks out and both teams pair off and swing away at each other. Lee gets sent into the barricade as Santana uses a devastating back rake on Konley. Ortiz and Lee finally get into the ring and the match has officially started. Konley makes his way into the match, but gets worked over by Santana, pin, two. LAX with some double team moves, assisted standing moonsault, cover, two.

Lee tries to get involved and does so by getting rid of Santana. Running forearm to Ortiz by Lee and a side suplex by Konley. Massive punt kick to Santana by Lee. Ortiz trying to work back in this match with a bunch of chops. Konley with a sweep kick and running cannonball, cover, Santana breaks that up. Lee in now and continues beat up Ortiz who could use a breather. Konley and Lee continue punch and kick away at Ortiz in the corner as we go to break.

Santana gets the hot tag and crushes both Konley and Lee, Santana with a cover on Lee and he just barely kicks out. Wheelbarrow cutter by LAX, pin, Konley shoved Ortiz into Santana to break up the pin. Crowd booing that move. Konley gets dumped to the floor, street sweeper attempt by LAX, Konley shoves Santana off the top rope. Lee with a huge handful of tights to lock up Ortiz and get the pin.

Winners: Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley via Pinfall

Brian Cage vs. Hunter Law

Law with a dropkick, does nothing, taunts anyways. Cage ends up picking Law up and curls him a few times, throws Law over his head. Hits a big body slam. Discus lariat right into the Drill Claw (reverse piledriver) and that will do it.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Backstage, Eddie Edwards talks with Lashley, says they don't have to like each other, but they can still take care of business out in the ring. They will face oVe later tonight.

Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams

Heading to Canada for a Destiny World Wrestling match between Sydal and Williams. Williams getting plenty of cheers from the crowd, nice tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Sydal. Running dropkick on Sydal, cover, two. We're seeing highlights of the match, as we skip forward a bit with Sydal suddenly in control, hitting a standing moonsault. Williams drops Sydal and calls for canadian destroyer, Mathews noting only Eli Drake has kicked out of the move.

Sydal able counter and hit a quick german suplex. Williams with a codebreak from the apron, Williams tries for canadian destroyer, but rolls through to lock in the Sharpshooter to a big pop. Sydal able to get over to the rope and break the hold. Sydal tries for shooting star press, rolls through, powerbomb by Williams. He goes for yet another canadian destroyer, but Sydal counters and just drops right down on Williams, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sydal has a scroll, says a bunch of whatever, but on March 8 he wants to challenge Taiji Ishimori for the X Division Championship. Ishimori will answer the challenge, next week.

- Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs with Kongo Kongo and Jacobs says he wants Abyss to come out, so he can show off the new monster, the real monster, Kongo Kong.

- Kongo Kong heads to the ring with Jimmy Jacobs who jumps on the mic and says he's not a bad guy, despite what everyone thinks. He simply just wanted to see Abyss and Joseph Park forced his hand by not bringing him out. All he wants is for Abyss to come out and instead comes Grandma Jenny. She gets in the ring and tells Jacobs to knock it off with Park, or else. Small "Grandma Jenny" chant breaks out amiss the confusion. Jacobs says she's got more guts than Abyss because she at least showed up, but then calls her an old hag and get slapped. Crowd with a "One more time!" chant as Jacobs nods for Kongo to attack Grandma Jenny.

Park runs down to the ring to stop what's going on. He tells Jacobs that's his Grandma and to chill out, then thanks Grandma for Thanksgiving. Jacobs says he just wants Abyss, but Joseph says he promised himself and his family that Abyss would never return. Jacobs then says Chandler Park was just the beginning and he would hate it if something happened to Grandma Jenny. Kongo then attacks Joseph and swings away as Grandma Jenny looks in utter horror. Jacobs yells at her, "You see that?! I want Abyss, or else!" Kongo continues to swing away as Jacobs finally stops him.

- Sydal on the phone talking to his spiritual guide to let him know he read the proclamation and he's taking the X Division title from Ishimori.

Alberto El Patron vs. Moose (No DQ Match)

We head to an outside promotion from Las Vegas, these two lock up and eventually make it to a corner, clean break. Crowd gets the "Moose!" chant going, Alberto takes a break on the floor, gets a sip of water, heads back in the ring and spits it on Moose. Alberto swings away at his opponent, both on the floor, Moose thrown into the barricade. Crowd is really loving the "Moose!" chants as he kicks Alberto in the face, both still on the floor.

Moose gets back body dropped into the first row and Alberto throws Moose through the door out to the streets. He then grabs trash can and tosses it at Moose. Both make their way back to the ring, Alberto still with the trash can, jumps off the top rope and nails Moose. Moose tries for a comeback and gets a lowblow for his trouble. Back and forth action and both end up on the second rope, Alberto with a bunch of headbutts that sends Moose into a tree of woe position, quick double stomp, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Alberto El Patron via Pinfall

- Recap of the rivalry between Rosemary and Hania.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell bring in Tyrus and EC3. EC3 says they are a mix of The Avengers, Tyrus mostly Hulk, while EC3 is a mix of Captain American, Iron Man, and Thor. EC3 then says he's going to be the number one contender against Johnny Impact.

oVe (with Sami Callihan) vs. Lashley and Eddie Edwards

Edwards and Lashley chase after the Crist brothers and take then down relatively quickly. Callihan out with a baseball bat as he looks on. Lashley and Dave get us started in the ring. Lashley showing off some agility and power right off the start, stalled vertical suplex (one-handed for a moment). Lashley looking for the spear, but Jake with the momentary distraction. Lashley tags in Edwards who continues to go to work on Dave, big chops in the corner.

Jake gets tagged in and grinds away at Edwards' face with his elbow. Edwards gets distracted by Callihan, Jake drops Edwards and brings in Dave. Edwards ends up on the floor and Callihan with a side suplex on the apron while the referee is distracted. Edwards up on the apron, Dave suplexes him back in. Jake and Dave with some double team moves, pin on Edwards, Lashley rushes in and breaks that up.

Edwards finally gets a window to tag in Lashley, who hits an overhead belly-to-belly on Jake, running power slam, pin, Dave breaks it up. Dave with some big kicks, but Lashley shakes them off and comes back with a clothesline. He then tosses Jake out to the floor, Edwards tagged in and Lashley helps speed up Edwards suicide dive. Callihan tries to grab Edwards' foot, Lashley comes over and flattens Callihan. Edwards with a shining wizard, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Lashley via Pinfall

- Recap of Austin Aries and Eli Drake's rivalry. Drake says yeah Aries may have his number at the moment, but he's keeping his eyes open and is coming for Aries. Drake says he's at a different level though and Aries' title reign is going to be short lived.

EC3 (with Tyrus) vs. Johnny Impact (Number One Contender for Impact World Championship)

Johnny Impact gives a fan his sunglasses, Tyrus ends up taking them, puts them on for a moment, and smashes them. Match gets going, EC3 quickly heads to the floor, Tyrus stays in Johnny's way and talks a little trash as EC3 gathers himself. Bit of a stalemate early on with neither wrestler getting much momentum. Small "EC3!" chant breaks out as he hits a body slam and then misses a second rope flying elbow. EC3 able to take Johnny's legs out from under him and drops him outside the ring as we head to break.

Back from break, EC3 lightly bumps the referee who barks at him, behind him Tyrus clubs away at Johnny on the apron. EC3 launches Johnny into the corner a couple times. EC3 hits a DDT and Johnny sells it fantastically, landing on his feet, but being completely out of it for a moment. He's able to land a quick kick as both men are down for the count. Johnny recovers, couple clotheslines, leg lariat, running kick, running shooting star press, pin, two! He drags EC3 to the corner, goes for starship pain, EC3 rolls out of the way, Johnny lands on his feet. Johnny tries to roll-up EC3, but gets powerbombed instead, pin, two.

TK3 attempt, nope, spanish fly by Johnny, pin, two. Both end up on the second rope, EC3 ends up hitting a super TK3, slight delay on the pin attempt, two-count. "This is awesome!" chant from the crowd. EC3 looks for the one-percenter, Johnny fights it off and shoves him into the corner. Johnny tries for a springboard, but Tyrus yanks him down, EC3 tries for a pin with feet on the rope (second week in a row) and this time Johnny kicks out.

EC3 taunts his opponent, Johnny with a flurry of strikes, sliding german suplex. Johnny tries for starship pain, Tyrus stops him right in front of the ref, who doesn't call the match or send Tyrus away from ringside. EC3 hits the one-percenter, pin, Johnny kicks out. EC3 goes out and barks at Tyrus then shoves him. Tyrus shoves him back and heads backstage. Back in the ring, swinging neckbreaker by Johnny, starship pain, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall to remain the Number One Contender for the Impact World Championship

- Post-match, Austin Aries heads out to the ring with title and banana in hand. Aries faces off with Johnny and the two will meet at Impact: Crossroads in two weeks. Aries holds out his hand and Johnny shakes it. The two jaw a bit in the ring as we head out.


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