Injury Update On Bianca Belair, Vince McMahon's Biggest Gamble, Kurt Angle On

- Above is a clip from WrestleMania Rewind with Vince McMahon (along with Dusty Rhodes and Pat Patterson) talking about WrestleMania being Vince's biggest gamble. Patterson recalled Vince telling him, "If we don't sell out, you and I are going to be looking for a job."

- On Thursday, Ember Moon took on Bianca Belair during NXT's multi-day tour in Canada. Near the end of the match, Moon went for her top-rope finisher, Eclipse, and Belair ended up taking it wrong with Moon landing hard on her. Moon went for the pin, Belair mistakenly kicked out, but the three-count was called anyways. According to F4WOnline, Belair was helped to the back and hadn't wrestled since. Earlier today, Triple H posted some of tonight's matches and Belair is listed among them, taking on Moon yet again, so she looks to be good to go.

- Kurt Angle retweeted a video of a fan playing with his figure that also included his music. The fans began chanting "You Suck" along with the music. Kurt responded despite his hard work and winning medals, he'll be forever known as the "you suck" guy.


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