WWE Hall of Famer Jake “The Snake” Roberts was recently interviewed by The Wrestling Estate. Below are some highlights:

If he worked closely with Pat Patterson or Vince McMahon when he worked on the WWE creative team in the 90s:

“When I was there, we had like six people who we’d sit down and go over things. Bottom line is it all goes through Vince [McMahon], anyway. But you could talk to Vince. He would listen to a point. We got along well when I was booking with him, quite well. Pat was just a tremendous talent. The only problem I had with Pat was that he liked to go with comedy too much. I feel like if people wanted comedy, they’d watch a comedy show. This is wrestling, let’s see some wrestling. But to each his own. You can’t knock Vince too much because he’s still rolling.”

If there is too much comedy in the current WWE product:

“I think so. It’s my own feeling. But they’re doing a three-hour show and I’m sure it’s very taxing trying to keep it going. I guess there is a need for some comedy, but again, I just think they put too much out there. I don’t think they pay enough attention to heat for heels. Of course, there are no heels and babyfaces anymore. Everybody does the same stuff. I don’t like that either. There should be a clear line as to good guy and bad guy. I think that’s what the people really want. Maybe I’m wrong, hell, I’ve been wrong before.”

Reaching out to Ric Flair about quitting drinking:

“I sent a message to him, and unfortunately, he didn’t want any help from me. I’ll just leave it at that.”

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