Jeff Jarrett On WWE Firing Him On Live TV, Being Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame, AJ Styles

NBC Sports has an interview with 2018 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Jeff Jarrett, who discussed his upcoming induction. Below are a few highlights:

Being fired on live WWE TV when WWE purchased WCW in 2001:

"Vince does a lot of things well. And he knows how to produce great TV. To me that night was just good TV.

"It's a business and I knew that I was going to be getting paid on my Turner contract for about another eight or nine months, so I didn't even think to address it that night."

Being inducted the same weekend as AJ Styles defending the WWE Championship at WrestleMania:

"I don't believe in coincidences, only convergences and AJ headlining and me going into the Hall of Fame is perfect. He's been a friend since the early days of our relationship and it's been great to watch him progress as a performer. I can't say enough about the guy."

If this is the right time for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame:

"Quite frankly I've thought about that. Who am I? Why am I going in now? They asked and I had to do a head-scratcher because it was literally a shock. There are less than 200 wrestlers in the Hall of Fame and you think about the thousands of guys that have laced up the boots and I'm going to be one of those 200. It just doesn't seem right in my brain."

Jarrett also discussed being inducted into the Hall of Fame 32 years from the day of his first match, his family, not being a part of WWE in the early 2000s and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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