Jeff Jarrett Reveals When WWE Contacted Him Regarding WWE Hall Of Fame Induction

WWE confirmed this week that former Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett will be the latest inductee into the Hall of Fame. During the video package, WWE aired his achievements while competing for the company, from popularizing himself by pompously spelling his name, to eventually becoming a crew-cut, hard-nosed competitor and smashing guitars over the heads of his foes.

They also showed some of his pinnacle moments in WCW, as he was the World Heavyweight Champion four times, United States three times, and the leader of nWo 2000 in just under a year and a half with the company from 1999-2001.

Jarrett was interviewed by TMZ about WWE's announcement, as seen in the video above. Jarrett stated that it is surreal to him, and WWE asked him back in January if he would like to go in the Hall of Fame and he did not think twice about it.

"Out of all the guys who've laced up their boots, there's less that 200 of us in the Hall of Fame," said Jarrett. "So, I'm very grateful, I'm very, very humbled, and... this is for my family. My family goes back three generations, so I'm the lucky one that got picked for my family being in the Hall of Fame."

On the March 26, 2001 simulcast of Raw and Nitro, where Vince McMahon revealed that he bought his rival, he also publicly fired Jarrett as he was appearing on WCW Nitro. A year later, Jarrett and his father Jerry would launch TNA Wrestling.

TMZ asked Jarrett about that infamous moment. Jarrett stated, "that night in Panama city, who would've thunk (laughs), who would've thought these many years later, 17 years later or whatever it may be, that I'm standing here Monday, February the 19th and the announcement is made."

Jarrett would then say "thank you" to WWE for their decision to induct him in the Hall of Fame, despite his ups and downs.

If any portion of these quotes is used, be sure to H/T TMZ via Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: TMZ


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