Jon Bravo On Roman Reigns Being Exposed In Steroid Ring, 15 Other Wrestlers On Their List, More

Filmmaker Jon Bravo was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV. Bravo has been interviewing jailed steroid dealer Richard Rodriguez for an upcoming documentary. Rodriguez implicated Roman Reigns, as well as actors Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel, as clients in his steroid distribution ring, which all three men denied. In a recent video, emails and phone records of Duhamel were revealed and Bravo said that he will present evidence on Reigns in their next video.

Below are some highlights from the interview:

* Bravo explained the scandal with Richard Rodriguez and his company, Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC (WFN), which led to Rodriguez's arrest.

* He said that Rodriguez contacted him after seeing a documentary that Bravo made regarding police busting his company. He asked Bravo to work on a documentary with him. He didn't fully trust Bravo at first, so the information that he would provide would come slowly. They are now great friends and Bravo is the only person that Rodriguez now trusts. Rodriguez's laptop was released in a court hearing. Bravo said that he legally can't say who the laptop was released to, but obviously it wasn't to Rodriguez. Bravo has Rodriguez's laptop, which hasn't been touched by Rodriguez since he was sent to prison. The laptop contains all the orders and text messages that no one has touched until he got it last week.

* WFN had over 14,000 clients in the U.S. which included celebrities, athletes, pro wrestlers, members of Congress, and celebrity trainers who would place large orders for their clients.

* In response to people saying that he's targeting Roman Reigns, he said that he has not watched wrestling since WWE was the WWF. He said that the only reason that he's doing a specific videos on Reigns, Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg is because they denied knowing Rodriguez and WFN. He said that Reigns' case was interesting in the way that he placed the orders, which will be revealed in the video that he'll be releasing in the next few days.

* As for why none of the people named so far haven't faced any legal implications, Bravo said that the DEA only cares about the distributors, and they are not going after people who are using. Bravo said that he understands why Reigns denied knowing Rodriguez because it would have been a wellness policy violation with WWE. He claimed that Reigns has ordered "things which are not just testosterone." The orders that Reigns placed were a couple of months before his suspension, so he believes that Reigns' WWE suspension in 2016 was over the orders.

* Bravo said that there have been people placing orders with WFN totalling $150,000 - $200,000 and one of the names could be connected to WWE, but he doesn't know if Rodriguez will disclose it. Bravo is not exposing anyone that he doesn't have permission to disclose from Rodriguez. He said that there are 15 wrestlers - past and present - who are on their client list.

* Bravo once against stated that he believes that the WWE drug test that Reigns failed was from his orders placed with Rodriguez. He has not gone through the orders from 2017 to see if Reigns had ordered anything after the suspension, but he is going through the records soon and they will be in his next video.

* Bravo is not questioning WWE's drug testing policy because he believes that Reigns was suspended from the orders placed with Rodriguez. They do not plan to release the names of the 15 wrestlers who had placed orders through WFN. Rodriguez only disclosed Reigns, Wahlberg and Duhamel because their names were mentioned in the court discovery process, so it's likely that the DEA spoke to those individuals.

* Bravo said that the purpose of his upcoming film was not to expose people, although it does help people relate more to the subject matter. The subject matter of the film is to help lessen the laws over steroid use in the United States. He said that if steroids were made in an FDA approved lab and are used properly under the care of a doctor, they can help a lot of people, "especially wrestlers over the age of 30 years old to help them recover." Bravos said that if steroids are done properly, they can help your life. Bravo has done TRT since he was 34 years old (he's 39 now) and he said that it's only benefited his life. It did affect his life negatively when he once took a dosage higher than what was prescribed, and he learned from that. He said that the right dosage benefits your life, while taking too much "is not a good thing." That started him to make this film and then the WFN bust happened, so he started incorporating that into the message of the film.

* He said that everything that he is presenting is facts, and that they won't get sued because they are presenting factual information.

* He said that WWE probably knows "what's going on" since they know what drugs Reigns failed for.


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