Jon Jones Fined, Fight License Suspended By CSAC Over Drug Use

The California State Athletic Commission voted unanimously to revoke the fight license of former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones during a special hearing on Tuesday. The commission also fined Jones $205,000, who attempted to convince them he did not knowingly take a banned substance around UFC 214 for his fight with Daniel Cormier.

"I don't believe we should end Mr. Jones' career, but I do believe he should sit out for a while," CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster said (thanks to MMAjunkie for the quotes).

Jones will not have a fight license and will now move forward with his case with the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. He may re-apply for a fight license in California after his case with the USADA is resolved. That will be granted if a majority vote by the commission rules in his favor.

"It's been science that has been kicking me in the ass, if I can say that," Jones said. "I don't understand how any of this happened. None of this stuff makes sense to me. I have no clue how this happened. I'm trying to figure it out like everyone else."

Jones tested positive for Turinabol in a sample that was submitted prior to his fight against Cormier on July 29, 2017. Jones' win over Cormier was changed to a no-contest and Cormier was given back the UFC light heavyweight championship.

Jones sent several samples of the supplements he took to testing agencies in hopes of finding a pre-packaged contamination. The commission brought up several past issues with Jones, including his 2012 car crash and his arrest for drag racing, along with a hit-and-run in 2015.

"I have 1,000 percent paid for the dumb things that I've done," Jones said. "Honestly, I put it on everything that is dear to me that I did not do steroids."


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