Josh Mathews On If Jeremy Borash Leaving Impact For WWE Affected Their Plans

In January, WWE signed veteran Impact Wrestling employee Jeremy Borash to a deal. Reportedly, the hire was a Triple H decision and Borash is expected to work with NXT at the WWE Performance Center.

Wrestling Inc. took part in a media call with Impact Wrestling Announcer, Josh Mathews, where he spoke about when they found out Borash was leaving for WWE and how that changed their game plan.

"I saw somewhere online that it was reported that we re-voiced stuff that 'JB' and I had already done, which wasn't true," Mathews said. "Our next video session, when we found out that Jeremy was leaving the company was like three or four days later and we had time to come up with a different game plan, and come up with what the right decision was going to be. There was a lot of different opinions, a lot of different thoughts, and I think the final decision was the best one they could have made. Sonjay [Dutt] came here and did great. And now we have that situation in place."

Being with the company for so long, Mathews was asked about how important Borash was to Impact and what his exit meant.

"I mean, important, sure. I think that– everything is moving at the speed at which it was moving before Jeremy said he was leaving, I guess is the best way I could put that," Mathews responded. "There's no hitch, there was no glitch, everything's just smoothly running as it were if he were still here or not here."

With commentary duties obviously changing up, Mathews also commented on if anything changed in terms of roles for him, and for the most part, nothing changed.

"No, it didn't. The stuff that I do stays the same, stayed the same, doesn't change," Mathews replied. "I wish him nothing but luck and success down there, it's a different beast. But as far as what I do, nothing was affected other than switching back from color commentary to play-by-play announcing, which is what I have been doing for fourteen years."

Borash has been with Impact since 2002, most recently working as the lead announcer. He has also worked as a producer, creative writer and backstage interviewer, among other jobs. Last week, he was spotted at an NXT live event in Orlando.