Konnan On Rey Mysterio's Future, Wanting Rey To Join Impact, Rey Not Working A Full WWE Schedule

We noted earlier via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there's speculation within WWE that Rey Mysterio will sign some kind of deal with WWE in 2019, if not this year. The deal would be for a part-time run, perhaps something like Chris Jericho's recent contract, as Rey remains adamant about not wanting to work a full-time schedule with WWE.

Wrestling INC President Raj Giri spoke with Konnan during today's Impact media call and asked about Mysterio's future, how he's doing and where Konnan thinks Rey will end up. Konnan confirmed the talks with Impact and the fact that Rey will not return to WWE on a full-time schedule.

"I don't know, he's had an incredible year. It was very important for him to leave WWE and do things on his own terms, and he has. I know that Impact has reached out to him and obviously WWE did, and that's obviously a decision that he's going to be making pretty soon," Konnan said. "I hope to have him over here obviously because we have a great history together, and Alberto El Patron is here with the whole Latino movement. At the end of the day, it's who's going to make the best offer for him because one thing I know 100% for sure is that he will never go back on a full-time schedule."


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