As noted, Luke Gallows was a recent guest of The Overnight Crowd podcast, which you can listen to here. Below are some more highlights:

How his second stint in WWE has been working out so far:

“When Karl Anderson and I jumped the rail and we made our appearance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, we had some trepidation because we are two very highly confident guys, and we know that we are highly capable but we didn’t know that the WWE Universe would know or understand who we were. When we jumped the rail and we got that reaction, and saw that they were happy to see us, it was kind of icing on the cake and jump started us on this WWE run that we have now, and the best is yet to come.”

If not going to NXT first was a positive or a negative:

“We would have definitely gone to NXT if it were brought up, but it was just never brought up. I think the timing was for us to come in and make an impact, but we would have been very open to competing in NXT. We are big fans of the product. NXT is very high quality stuff. I was in developmental in WWE years ago, but it was a completely different landscape with what is now at the Performance Center. NXT now has become a huge global brand so I think it would have been really exciting, but we were able to come in on the main roster and take whatever comes.”

Rumors of himself and Karl Anderson being unhappy in WWE:

“Those rumors are completely false. It is just internet mumbo-jumbo. Karl Anderson and I are incredibly happy working in WWE and for the WWE Universe. Obviously, WWE is the pinnacle of sports entertainment, as you see with all the outside media outlets garnering towards WrestleMania season, which is the biggest extravaganza in our business, which is something Karl and I want to be in. We want to be in the RAW tag team title picture. It’s just what is in our plans coming up in the near future.”

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