– Above is Brock Lesnar and Big Show vs. Eddie Guerrero and John Cena from an episode of SmackDown in 2004. Near the end of the match, Kurt Angle ran in for a distraction, Lesnar focused his attention on him allowing Guerrero to grab Cena’s chain and lowblow Lesnar from behind to pick up the win.

– At last night’s NXT live event in Cocoa, Florida a new stable came out and apparently attacked Sanity. The group consisted of Wesley Blake, Chad Lail (previously known as Gunner from Impact), Steve Cutler, and Lacey Evans.

– Brian Pillman’s son, Brian Pillman II thanked fans on Twitter for getting him to 7k followers and that he will be releasing shirts soon to help raise money for his kiddie pool that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin broke many years ago. This is in reference to the infamous Raw segment where Austin went to Brian Pillman’s home and Pillman had a gun on him for protection. When Austin first showed up, Pillman’s friends tried to stop him and Austin threw one of them in a small pool, attempting to drown him. On Twitter, Austin apologized for damaging the pool, but said he was just taking care of business.

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