ROH Episode 332 Recap: War Machine, So Cal Uncensored Vs. Bullet Club, Bully Ray's Farewell

A recap of is shown from last week is shown to kick off the show featuring So Cal Uncensored's Scorpio Sky & The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) paying off Shane Taylor to be backup in case of any Bullet Club interference when they face off with them. Taylor warns that if their check doesn't clear, he will find them.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Punishment Martinez makes his entrance. Dobbs is introduced in the ring.

Punishment Martinez vs. Dobbs

Martinez connects with a big boot to Dobbs as the bell rings. Martinez elbows Dobbs. Martinez connects with a forearm to Dobbs. Dobbs ducks a clothesline attempt by Martinez. Martinez dropkicks Dobbs. Martinez hits a spin-kick on Dobbs. Martinez hits a Chokeslam on Dobbs. Martinez pins Dobbs for the quick win.

Winner: Punishment Martinez

ROH World Champion Dalton Castle & The Boys come down to the ring after the match. Castle ducks a strike attempt by Martinez. Castle hits a Modified Suplex on Martinez. Martinez teases continuing to fight before making his exit.

Coast To Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG) and War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe) make their entrances. Caprice Coleman has joined the commentary team.

Coast To Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG) vs. War Machine (Hanson & Raymond Rowe)
(Coast To Coast Will Disband If They Lose)

Ali hits a Senton to the outside on Hanson and Rowe. Ali rolls Hanson into the ring. Ali and LSG both dropkick Hanson. Rowe comes into the ring. Ali and LSG slam Rowe into Hanson. LSG chops Hanson in the corner. LSG attempts to send Hanson into Rowe as Ali attempts to send Rowe into Hanson. Rowe forearms LSG as Hanson splashes Ali in the corner. Hanson sends Ali into the knees of Rowe. Hanson clotheslines LSG in the corner.

War Machine eventually hits Thor's Hammer on Ali. Hanson hits a Suicide Dive to the outside on LSG. Rowe pins Ali for a two count. Hanson ascends the turnbuckles. LSG strikes Hanson, sending him to ringside. LSG kicks Rowe in the face. Ali forearms Rowe. Ali and LSG hit Coast To Coast on Rowe. Ali and LSG both cover Rowe for a two count. Hanson comes into the ring. Ali and LSG send Hanson to the corner. Ali attempts to send LSG into Hanson, Hanson slams LSG to the mat. LSG rolls out of the ring. Hanson hits a spin-kick on Ali. Hanson goes to the top rope. Rowe picks Ali up. Hanson and Rowe hit Fallout on Ali. Rowe pins Ali for a two count. Rowe hits Ali with a knee strike. Rowe gets Ali up as Hanson starts ascending the turnbuckle again. LSG grabs the leg of Hanson as Ali rolls Rowe up for the win.

Winners: Coast To Coast (Shaheem Ali & LSG)

Coast To Coast and War Machine shake hands after the match.

Bully Ray makes his entrance, carrying his ring boots, for an in-ring promo. Bully says that Final Battle was his final battle. Bully talks about having originally left his boots in New York, where he was born. Bully says as a professional wrestler, Philadelphia is where he was born. Bully talks about how in October of 1995, in the same building that they are in, Bubba Ray Dudley was born. Bully says that this is the ring, this is the arena, and this is the city, that he should leave his boots in. Bully thanks the fans. Bully says that he is Bully Ray and that it has been his honor. Bully leaves his boots in the center of the ring. The faces of the ROH locker room surround a portion of the ring. Jay Lethal gets in the ring with a microphone. Lethal talks about how they didn't know what to expect when Bully Ray was first coming to ROH. Lethal says he watched Bully help every single wrestler he could. Lethal calls Bully a legend. Lethal says thank you. Lethal hugs Bully.

A Women Of Honor highlight video package is shown.

So Cal Uncensored's Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels make their entrance. Matt Taven (accompanied by TK O'Ryan) has joined the commentary team. The Bullet Club's Marty Scurll, Cody & Adam Page make their entrance.

So Cal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels) vs. Bullet Club (Marty Scurll, Cody, Adam Page)

Sky and Scurll start the match. Sky hits a spin-kick on Scurll. Sky stomps the back of Scurll. Scurll kicks Sky in the face. Daniels is tagged in. Scurll tags Cody in. They lock up. Cody and Daniels exchange wrist locks. Cody elbows Daniels in the face. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes, Daniels reverses it into a Snapmare. Daniels goes for Angel's Wings, Cody reverses it into a Hurricanruna.

Late in the match, Page hits a Powerbomb on Sky. Page pins Sky for a two count. Daniels comes into the ring. Page kicks Daniels. Page dropkicks Daniels while simultaneously hitting a Moonsault on Sky. Page pins Sky for another two count. Sky reverses and Irish Whip attempt by Page into an Irish Whip of his own, sending Page into Daniels and Kazarian. Kazarian hits a Neck-breaker on Page as Daniels Powerbombs him at the same time. Sky double stomps Page. Sky pins Page for a two count. Sky runs towards Page. Page catches Sky and Powerslams him in the corner. Daniels hits an STO on Page. Daniels hits a Disaster Kick on Page. Kazarian hits a Jumping Kick on Cody. Scurll uppercuts Kazarian. Scurll uppercuts Sky. Scurll gets Sky up on his shoulders. Cody springboards off the top rope to dropkick Sky off the shoulders of Scurll. Scurll goes for the Chickenwing on Sky, Daniels attacks him from behind. Daniels strikes Scurll, sending him out of the ring. Daniels goes to the apron. Daniels hits a Moonsault on to Scurll at ringside. Cody hits a springboard clothesline to the outside on Daniels. Kazarian hits a Hurricanruna on Cody at ringside. Sky hits a Cutter on Cody at ringside. Page hits a Moonsault off the top turnbuckle to the outside on Sky. Page's foot got caught on the guardrail comin down. Page rolls Sky back into the ring. Page comes back into the ring as Daniels and Kazarian do the same. Daniels kicks Page. Kazarian hits a Back-Stabber on Page. Sky hits a Running Knee Strike on Page. Sky pins Page for the win.

Winners: So Cal Uncensored (Scorpio Sky, Frankie Kazarian & Christopher Daniels)

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.


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