ROH World Champion Dalton Castle and The Boys are shown backstage to kick off the show. Castle talks about never being surprised before being surprised by one of The Boys standing near him and questioning if he was there the whole time. Castle says not much can scare him. Castle talks about being the biggest target in the company after his title win. Castle says he wasn’t surprised when Punishment Martinez recently attacked him. Castle talks about how Martinez will be facing someone who will do everything he can to ensure that he leaves as World Champion.

Ian Riccaboni and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas (with ROH Television Champion Silas Young) and Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali) make their entrances.

Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas vs. Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali)

Milonas and Bruiser jump their opponents as the bell rings. Bruiser slams Ali’s head off the top turnbuckle. Milonas strikes LSG. Ali connects with a boot to the face of Milonas as LSG connects with a boot to the face of Bruiser. Ali goes for a cross-body, Milonas catches him while LSG goes for a cross-body and Bruiser catches him. Milonas and Bruiser slam their opponents into each other. Milonas drops Ali to the mat. Bruiser drops LSG on the top turnbuckle. Milonas splashes LSG from behind. Bruiser drops an elbow on LSG. Bruiser pins LSG for a two count. Bruiser strikes LSG. LSG dropkicks Bruiser, sending him into Milonas. Ali is tagged in. Ali hits a forearm on Milonas. Bruiser inadvertently strikes Milonas. LSG hits a Forward Leg Sweep on Bruiser as Ali hits an Inverted DDT on him simultaneously. Ali pins Bruiser for a two count. Ali hits a Snapmare on Bruiser. Silas Young grabs the leg of Ali as Milonas splashes him in the corner. Young strikes Ali several times at ringside. Kenny King comes to ringside and strikes Young. Kenny King, Silas Young, Ali, Bruiser, Milonas and LSG all brawl in the ring as the referee calls for the bell heading into a commercial break.

Winners: No Contest

A Six-Man Tag was made during the break.

Silas Young, Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas vs. Kenny King & Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali)

All six men brawl as the bell rings. Milonas sends LSG out of the ring. King strikes Young in the corner. King hits a Spin Kick on Milonas. Milonas rolls out of the ring. King hits a Twisted Plancha over the top rope on Milonas at ringside. Bruiser hits a Cannonball from off the apron on King. Ali hits a Senton to the outside on Milonas and Bruiser. Young hits a Springboard Clothesline on LSG in the ring. Young kicks King from the apron. Young hits an STO on Ali on the apron. LSG kicks Young in the face. Young eventually exchanges strikes with Ali. Ali and LSG lift Young on to the shoulders of King. King hits the Royal Flush on Young. King pins Young.

Winners: Coast To Coast (LSG & Shaheem Ali)

A highlight video package is shown on Madison Rayne and Mandy Leon hyping their match in the Women Of Honor Tournament.

Mandy Leon and Madison Rayne make their entrances. Deonna Purrazo has joined the commentary team.

Women Of Honor Championship Tournament Match:
Mandy Leon vs. Madison Rayne

They lock up. Leon backs Rayne into the corner. They lock up again. Rayne back Leon into the corner. They exchange headlock. Rayne pushes Leon to the ropes. Leon hits a Shoulder Block on Rayne. Rayne hits an arm-drag on Leon. Leon hits an arm-drag on Rayne. After several pin attempt exchanges, Rayne spears Leon. Rayne hits an Insiguri on Leon heading into a commercial break.

Late in the match, Leon hits a dropkick from off the top turnbuckle on Rayne. Leon pins Rayne for a two count. Leon attempts her Astral Projecion finisher, Rayne gets out of it. Rayne hits her Rayne Check Cutter on Leon. Rayne pins Leon for a two count. Leon rolls Rayne up for a two count. Rayne ascends the turnbuckle. Leon dodges a cross-body attempt by Rayne. Leon hits her Astral Projection finisher on Rayne. Leon pins Rayne for the win.

Winner: Mandy Leon

Leon and Rayne shake hands and hug after the match.

Bullet Club’s Cody and The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) are shown backstage in a segment that took place after last week’s show went off the air. Cody asks where they were. Matt says they just got here, their flight was running late. Cody questions where their flight was coming from and asks if it was coming from Winnipeg. Cody asks if this is a Kenny thing and says they don’t need any more Kenny things. Cody says they were literally chanting Young Bucks and he got his a** kicked. Cody says he needs better. Nick apologies as Cody walks off. Marty Scurll walks up and shows Matt & Nick a fan-made Villain poster. Matt says now isn’t the time. Nick points out that they didn’t even spell Scurll’s name right as the segment comes to an end.

Punishment Martinez and ROH World Champion Dalton Castle (with The Boys) make their entrances. Marty Scurll has joined the commentary team.

ROH World Championship Match:
Dalton Castle (c) vs. Punishment Martinez

Castle slaps Martinez in the face. Martinez goes after Castle. Castle pulls the top rope down, to send Martinez to ringside. Castle hits a Suicide Dive on Martinez. Castle strikes Martinez in the entranceway before sending him into the barrier. Castle launches himself off the backs of The Boys, Martinez catches him by the throat. Castle escapes a Chokeslam attempt by Martinez. Castle sends Martinez into the turnbuckle post at ringside as we head into a commercial break.

Martinez eventually hits a Spinning Heel Kick from off the top turnbuckle on Castle. Martinez pins Castle for a two count. Martinez goes for a Chokeslam, Castle strikes his forearm to prevent it. Martinez goes for the Chokeslam again, Castle hits him with a Back Elbow. Martinez kicks Castle on the side of his head. Martinez hits a Rip Cord Kick on Castle. Martinez gets Castle up in a Torture Rack position. Castle elbows Martinez. Castle rolls Martinez up for the win.

Winner: Dalton Castle

Martinez Chokeslams one of The Boys on the apron after the match. Martinez Powerbombs the other one of The Boys on the apron. They hype next week’s show as this one comes to a close.

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