ROH Supercard Of Honor XII Sets A Record, Brandi Rhodes Vs. Karen Q WOH Tournament Match, Matt Taven

- Above is a first-round match between Brandi Rhodes and Karen Q in the ROH Women of Honor Tournament to crown the division's inaugural champion. It is a 16-woman, single elimination style format. The end of the match came when Rhodes sold an ankle injury that momentarily stopped the match, Karen Q tried pick her up and Rhodes got a small package pinfall victory.

- ROH did a "Ten Questions" article with The Kingdom's Matt Taven and among the questions he was asked who was his favorite wrestler growing up.

"Bret Hart hands down was my favorite as a kid," Taven said "Not only is he amazing in the ring, but he has great hair, too. Guys with curly hair need to stick together. Chris Jericho is another favorite of mine, but that might change depending on this cruise. I feel like he's part of this Kingdom Conspiracy."

- ROH Supercard of Honor XII will take place in New Orleans on April 7 and has already set the record the ROH's biggest crowd for an event. As of right now, there's around 4,621 tickets sold for the show with around 1,000 still available. The previous record was at last year's Supercard of Honor with 3,500 fans (it has also been listed at 3,600 and 3,000, but either way it was still the largest crowd for the company). Kenny Omega vs. Cody has already been booked for April 7.


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