Rosa Mendes On Relationship With Paige, Her Time In WWE, If She Would Return To The Ring

Rosa Mendes spoke to Press Box on her friendship with Paige, her time in WWE, and if she would wrestle again. Here are some of the highlights:

Relationship with Paige:

"Paige and I are soul sisters. She has a heart of gold. When friends go through hard times, it's important to be there for them, but it's also important to step away when they need space. If your friendship is strong enough to withstand obstacles, then I feel that those obstacles will bring you closer together. I'm so happy that her and I reconnected. When I was going through my own problems, [Natalya] was there for me, and I don't know what I would have done without her at that time in my life. She's been a true friend for so many years. That's what being a true friend is all about — being there when someone needs you, not when their friendship can benefit you."


Her time in WWE and the women's revolution:

"All of the girls are so unique and different that I can't pinpoint one match and one particular moment, because I had so many great experiences. WWE female superstars are extraordinary women. WWE has done such an amazing job finding women that have the most unbelievably dedicated work ethic and knowledge. The sacrifices and hard work that it takes to become a superstar and to make it on TV, it's more than a lot of the [fans] know about. I'm glad that Total Divas and Total Bellas can show them a bit of what it's like behind the scenes. My favorite memories in WWE? I feel like I need to write a book, because I've had so many amazing memories and funny stories that I would love to share — 10 years of them! [Laughs]"


If she would ever return to the ring:

"Never say never!"

Mendes also discussed being a Mom after her time with WWE. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.