Rusev Has Lana Break Boards (Video), Bully Ray On Who Should Induct Him Into WWE HOF, Eric Bischoff

- Ahead of their Mixed Match Challenge match against Bayley & Elias next week, WWE posted the video above of Rusev training Lana for the match by breaking boards.

- I interviewed former WCW President Eric Bischoff this week, and part one of that interview will be available as part of the audio version of this afternoon's Wrestling Inc. podcast with myself, Glenn Rubenstein and Matt Morgan. Bischoff will also be taking part in a #Periscope broadcast tonight at 8pm EST. You can be part of the show by tweeting your questions to @EBischoff.

- Bully Ray was asked who he would like to have induct him and Devon into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. Bully replied that while he'd like to see his loyal ECW fans perform the induction, since it was a WWE Hall of Fame it would make sense for Paul Heyman, Edge & Christian or The Hardys to do it.


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