Rusev Plays Guitar And Imitates Elias (Video), Jerry Lawler Memphis Wrestling TV Update, Mick Foley

- As seen in the video above, Rusev and Lana impersonated Elias and Bayley, respectively, to hype their match this Tuesday on WWE Mixed Match Challenge. Rusev played the guitar and asked fans, "Who wants to RUN with the Elias?!" Rusev finished by saying that fans will be singing, "Lana is the best, Lana's number one!" while Lana added that it will happen on Rusev Day.

- Cerrito Live sent us word today that Jerry Lawler was on their show and revealed that he is bringing Memphis Wrestling television shows back to Saturday mornings starting in April. You can check out Lawler's full appearance here.

- Seth Rollins called out TSA a couple of days ago for several of his meals going missing from his baggage. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley also had a bad experience with an attendant apparently getting too touchy and sent a tweet to TSA regarding the incident, which garnered a response:


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