Sasha Banks And Bayley Taunt Each Other On Twitter, WWE Elimination Chamber Winners, Brie Bella

- Above, Brie Bella showed the weeks leading up to her appearance in the Women's Royal Rumble, including when she got the call for the invite. Over the next 33 days, Brie did a lot of kicking and working out to get into wrestling shape. In the match, Brie would make it to the final three before Nikki Bella eliminated her.

- WWE wrote an article on all of the Superstars who have won the Elimination Chamber from the number six spot. Included in that group are: Shawn Michaels (2002), John Cena (2010), Daniel Bryan (2012), Randy Orton (2014), and The New Day (2015). Thanks to winning a triple threat match against John Cena and Braun Strowman on Raw, Elias will be the last to enter this year's match.

- On this week's episode of Raw, Bayley took on and lost to Asuka, but before that she had a segment with Sasha Banks where Sasha questioned if Bayley could even beat Asuka. Bayley would respond "I know I can beat you." That segment carried over to Twitter with Bayley saying it was only a matter of time before she took down Asuka. Sasha responded that she was going to beat Asuka and Bayley replied "Yeah, like how you beat me?" Sasha came back with a photo of her locking in the bank statement on Bayley.


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