Sean Waltman Talks Past Comments Ripping Ivory, Triple H's Response About Lucha Underground Deal

The latest episode of Sean Waltman's X-Pac 12360 dropped this week, which you can watch in the video above. You can download the interview on iTunes, they sent us these highlights:

Lucha Underground reaching out to him:


"They reached out, it's probably been a month now or maybe a little bit longer ago. I was down to do it, you know. I was really considering it, we didn't get into how much money or anything like that. The thing that threw the monkey wrench in it is that I'm under a [WWE] Legends contract. I mean that was a problem for them, for Lucha Underground apparently. When they reached out to me, the first thing I did was contact Hunter and run it all by him, ask him if there was any heat, he said 'absolutely no, absolutely no heat at all.' Anyways I had full blessing to go do it, but they backed out. Nothing else ever came of it."

Remembering Curt Hennig and winning the jackpot In Reno:

"I always think about Curt, there is always something that happens when my friends and I think of Curt Hennig. Like, the numerology sign when the number fourteen pops up in different places, that was Curt's lucky number, that always popped up everywhere with Curt. We were in Reno, Nevada at a casino, and Curt loved to gamble, loved it. Absolutely loved it, great at it. So, Curt is holding court, everyone is happy having a great time, he's laughing. He's always plays the five dollar slot, the biggest denomination you can find, he would do max bet and boom! He got a jackpot. The machine runs out of money, he's just laughing and carrying on, everyone else is having a great time. While he's waiting for someone to bring him money, he's taking five dollars and sticks them into the machine and boom! Another jackpot! When does that happen? That's the kind of stuff that happened to Curt Hennig all the time."


Past comments about Ivory not shutting her mouth (in the video above at the 5:45 mark, contains strong language):

"I can't tell you where it was I made comments but I remember back when I was in not the best place and doing some shoot interview. I made negative comments towards her, about being a big mouth and running her mouth and blah blah blah. You know, I wish I could take those words back. You know? Shoot interviews you do for money... Problems that you think you have with somebody or that are really problems you have with yourself. So, I think about that and if she knows I said those things and she's listening to this, I sincerely apologize for that."