Shane Douglas was a recent guest on The Hannibal TV to discuss the relaunch of the XFL. Regarding the overall success of Vince McMahon, Douglas believes that WWE “never had real competition,” and ECW was just a tiny little company and was “nowhere near being able to compete on a night to night basis with [WWE],” despite having a very strong fan base.

As a result of companies such as WCW and Impact Wrestling failing to successfully compete with WWE, Douglas feels that Vince “has gotten a bit complacent, and believing that nobody can compete with him, which is a fallacy.”

Douglas feels that relaunching the XFL is a “s**t idea,” but the decline of the NFL and it becoming so politicized does make Vince’s decision to relaunch the XFL something to be considered.

“If the NFL continues doing what they’re doing next year, and we see a similar decline ? which I don’t see why it would turn around ? two years from now people might be saying Vince McMahon is a genius again,” said Douglas. “It’s crazy, but I think that the last thing the WWE needs right now is for him to take his eye off it and doing anything else. [WWE] needs a lot of help right now.”

Douglas is a former WWE Intercontinental Champion, who spent his time in WWE as Dean Douglas in 1995, and very briefly in 1990 and 91. Douglas won the title due to Shawn Michaels being forced to forfeit it, but lost it the same night after being defeated by Razor Ramon.

Source: The Hannibal TV