Spoilers: WWE NXT Tapings For Tonight

Remember to join us tonight at 8pm EST for our live Viewing Party.

* TM-61 defeated John Skyler & an unnamed competitor. This was a quick showcase for TM61 (not The Mighty). TM wins with Thunder Valley

* WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne defeated Roderick to retain the title. Good chain wrestling to start. They fight to ringside. Roddy avoids a stomp on his hands on the stairs and drops Pete across the stairs with a backbreaker. Pete knocks Roddy to the outside and jumps on his arm when he grabbed the ropes. Roddy with a gutbuster on the apron. Roddy rolls him in for a 2 count. Pete with an enziguri, but Roddy with elbows. Pete into an armbar and snaps Roddy's arm back. Roddy pulls Pete off the top rope but he can't hold him for a backbreaker because of the arm damage. Pete with a powerbomb for 2. Pete off the top, but Roddy hits a dropkick in the air for a nearfall. Roddy finally connects with the backbreaker for 2. Pete with a forearm after reversing the Olympic Slam. Roddy lifts Pete out of an armbar attempt and slingshots him on the top rope. Roddy with the Olympic Slam off the top rope for a nearfall. Roddy gets out of the Bitter End and locks in the Stronghold, but Pete attacks the arm to get out. Pete hits Bitter End for the win. Great match

* Aleister Black comes out for a promo. Aleister says he has a devil on his back driving him, and that devil is the NXT Title. Killian Dain interrupts. Dain says the devil isn't on his back, Killian is, and he won't stop until he is NXT Champion and that if Aleister has a problem with that, his path will be stopped by chaos. Aleister says Killian crossed him, so he must now fade to black

* Shayna Baszler defeated NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon via disqualification. Ember attacks at the bell. Ground and pound to start. Shayna rolls outside and Ember hits a suicide dive that crushes Shayna into the announce table. Shayna recovers and goes after Ember's bad arm. Crowd is very anti-Shayna. Shayna throws Ember into the post shoulder first. Shayna traps Ember's arm in the guardrail and stomps it. Shayna goes to put the arm in the ring steps, but Kairi Sane comes down for the save. Kairi attacks Shayna for the DQ and runs her off, then helps Ember


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