Stephanie McMahon On Shane McMahon's Role In WWE, Triple H Hits Social Media Milestone, WWE Shop

- As noted, Bloomberg ran a story about WWE which featured comments from Stephanie McMahon. In the article, she noted that Shane McMahon is not an actual executive at WWE, but "is really a strong talent for us right now."

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- Triple H hit 7 million followers on Twitter, making him the third most followed pro wrestling personality behind only The Rock and John Cena. The top 10 most followed WWE personalities as it stands right now are:

1. The Rock (12.6 million)
2. John Cena (10.9 million)
3. Triple H (7.1 million)
4. Randy Orton (5.8 million)
5. Sheamus 4.8 (million)
6. Steve Austin (4.4 million)
7. Daniel Bryan (4.3 million)
8. Shawn Michaels (3.9 million)
9. Nikki Bella (3.4 million)
10. Chris Jericho (3.4 million)

Roman Reigns is close to cracking the list, sitting at #11 with 3 million followers.


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