Steve Austin On WWE Stars Not Being Open On Podcast, Chris Jericho Invited Vince McMahon To Concert

As previously noted, Chris Jericho recently sat down with fellow pro wrestling legend and podcaster Steve Austin for an in-depth interview on The Steve Austin Show. Among other things, Austin talked about current WWE Superstars being unable to speak openly on his podcast and Jericho was confident that off-color remarks get back to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Also, Jericho shared his thoughts on getting over and opened up about his relationship with McMahon.


According to Austin, current WWE stars cannot always speak openly on his podcast.

"Most of the times when WWE comes through town, some of the guys or girls give me a head's up to let me know they're coming through." Austin continued, "people from our business, it's like if they're currently in the [WWE] system employed, well, [Jericho is] kind of a free agent, but someone that's in the trenches, well, Big Show, who I talked to on the Stone Cold Podcast, he'll straight up tell you, 'I ain't being booked worth a s–t!' and get away with it. Yeah, but you can't do that with everybody."

Jericho speculated that McMahon likely gets reports on WWE talents' social media posts and podcast appearances.


"You've got to watch what you say at all times because they're watching you even when you don't think they are. They'll find out. The boss will find out. I often wonder? It's not even wondering – I'm sure it happens. He probably gets a report every day. 'Here's the social media report, here's the Twitter report, here's the podcast report. This person said this' or 'that person said that.'"

In Jericho's view, talent need to get over with McMahon before having a chance of getting over with the WWE Universe.  

"It doesn't matter what you've done anywhere else in the world until you go through the WWE curtain and Vince can see you." Jericho professed, "it doesn't matter if you're Steve Austin, Triple H, Mick Foley, Chris Benoit, AJ Styles, or Chris Jericho. I would probably say he doesn't watch any wrestling whatsoever. He might hear some names. I don't think he cares. Your job when you get to the WWE is to basically start from scratch and show Vince what you can do and if you get over with him, you'll get a chance to get over. Not the pixie dust, but you need to get over with Vince first before you get the chance to really get over."

Jericho divulged that he finally considers McMahon a friend as their relationship has grown and evolved over the years. Moreover, Jericho even invited McMahon to an AC/DC concert, a show that may have shook McMahon all night long had he not torn his quad.


"I consider Vince to be a friend of mine now." Jericho admitted, "I asked him to go to AC/DC with me last year when they were at [Madison Square Garden] with Axl Rose and then he ended up tearing his quad and he never said he would go, but I invited him. What if he wants to go? What am I going to do? Do I stand in the seats with Vince and, like, air guitar with him? Like, what are we going to do if he shows up? Are these seats going to be good enough for him? Do I have to get a box now? What do I do?"

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Source: The Steve Austin Show