Steve Austin Reveals Why His "Unleashed" Podcast Was Combined With His Family Friendly Show

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin's podcast, The Steve Austin Show, remains one of the oldest and most popular wrestling podcasts today. Up until recently, Austin would produce two separate versions: The Steve Austin Show, which is family-friendly, and The Steve Austin Show Unleashed!, which was more adult-oriented.

Recently, the Unleashed version was dropped and combined with his family-friendly show. On the latest episode of his podcast with guest Chris Jericho, Austin revealed that the change was done to appeal to sponsors.

"It just seems to be that it's easier to sell ads and stuff like that when you're dealing with a family friendly format," Austin said. "There will [still] be a few odd cuss words here and there and stuff like that, but the F bombs are kinda gone. That's just kinda what happened and that's about as far as I can explain it. I'm really actually quite fine with that... I don't really have to cuss that much to have a good time."

Steve Austin's podcast will be hitting it's five-year anniversary this April. You can check out the latest episode with Jericho by clicking here.


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