Tyson Kidd Responds To Twitter User Saying Samoa Joe's Injuries Are "Karma" For Injuring Him

In June of 2015, Tyson Kidd was accidentally injured during a dark match against Samoa Joe, who had just signed on with WWE at the time. Kidd sustained a severe neck injury after taking a Muscle Buster from Joe that would not only end his WWE in-ring career, but was considered life-threatening. According to Kidd, only five percent of people survive the injury, with those that survived likely to be paralyzed. Kidd would undergo successful neck surgery.

Earlier today on Twitter, an individual responded to Kidd saying he was happy when Samoa Joe gets hurt because it's "karma" for what happened to Kidd in 2015. Kidd responded that he had "zero animosity" with Joe and that when he first got back to WWE, the two had a heart to heart talk.

Lately, Samoa Joe has dealt with injuries, first in August a knee injury caused him to miss about two months of in-ring action. Now, he's currently on the shelf again, after suffering a foot injury in a match against Rhyno in early January. Joe called the injury a "week to week thing" and is expected to be out until at least mid-March. Last Saturday, Joe was on the pre-show panel for NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia.

In the video below, you can see in the move that caused Kidd's injury in 2015.


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