What Topped WWE's John Cena Most Surprising Losses List?, Batista Trolls Local Government, Asuka

- Above is the latest WWE Top 10 featuring John Cena's most shocking losses. The video features Cena losing to Carlito in 2004 on SmackDown, John Laurinaitis in 2012 at Over the Limit, and Kevin Federline in 2007 on Raw. Kevin Owens defeating John Cena at WWE Elimination Chamber in 2015 topped the list.

- WWE's latest poll asked fans: "Who will be the first Superstar to defeat Asuka in a head-to-head showdown?" As of this writing, the top five picks are: Ronda Rousey (54 percent), "Other" (14 percent), Nia Jax (13 percent), Sasha Banks (8 percent), and Alexa Bliss (6 percent).

- After spending thousands on land surveys, Batista headed to Twitter to scold the City of Tampa for moving slowly on approving grants to put a gate up by his home. An hour after his initial message, he noticed the Tampa Twitter account tweeted out about an upcoming Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ Festival, causing him to comment two more times about any updates on his gate. The City asked him to send a DM with details and it looks like things are moving forward according to Batista who was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times.

"Situation seems to have made some progress because of the tweets," Batista said. "I may actually have a freaking gate sometime soon. Thanks for the interest."


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