WWE Drops Apollo Crews' Last Name?, 2009 Full Elimination Chamber Match Video, WWE Shop Sale

- Above is the full 2009 SmackDown Elimination Chamber match at the No Way Out pay-per-view featuring then-WWE Champion Edge defending his title against Triple H, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, The Undertaker and Vladimir Kozlov. Triple H won the match and the title after pinning The Undertaker. Edge would later injure Kofi Kingston and replace him in the RAW Elimination Chamber match, which he ended up winning after pinning Rey Mysterio.

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- Apollo Crews is apparently following in the footsteps of Elias (Samson), Big E (Langston), (Antonio) Cesaro and (Alexander) Rusev by having part of his name dropped. His bio at WWE.com now simply reads "Apollo" (h/t to Uproxx). His Twitter name is also now just Apollo, although his handle is still @ApolloCrews.


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