WWE Messes Up Photo For New 205 Live Star, Report Any Bad Ads On Our Site, Miz Talks The Real World

- As seen in the video above, TV Guide interviewed The Miz. During the interview, The Miz said that he doesn't watch his old appearances on MTV's The Real World. The Miz had appeared on the reality series and its spin-off series, Real World / Road Rules Challenge, from 2001 - 2005, which got him on WWE's radar.

"I do not go back and watch the old Real World," The Miz said. "The Real World is the reason that I became a WWE superstar. If it wasn't for The Real World, I'd probably be working at my dad's Mr. Hero flipping burgers and dropping fries. It made me realize I could do anything that I wanted. I said, 'What do I wanna do? I wanna be a WWE superstar.' Everyone laughed at me."

- In celebration of Valentine's Day, t-shirts are only $14 at WWEShop.com today. There is no promo code needed, just use this link.

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- WWE.com posted a preview for next week's 205 Live featuring the final two matches of the first round of the 16-man Cruiserweight Championship Tournament: Jack Gallagher vs. Mustafa Ali and Buddy Murphy vs. Ariya Daivari. As seen in the photo below, they had originally put a photo of Murphy's former partner, Wesley Blake, in his place in the preview. They have since fixed the error. (Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Danny Lorenzo)


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