WWE NXT Results (2/7): Tornado Tag, Gargano Agrees To "Loser Leaves NXT" Match, Tino Gets Mossed

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Tonight's episode from Center Stage Atlanta will feature some fantastic tag team action. SAnitY finally gets their return title shot against The Undisputed Era. Heavy Machinery and Tino/Moss are also slated for matches. After the events of NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia, how will Johnny Gargano bounce back after a big loss and the return of his former best friend?

- Mauro Ranallo and the crew welcome us to the show and run down the card for the evening. We head straight to the ring for the presumed NXT Tag Team Championship match..

- But WAIT! SAnitY rushes in from the opposite side of the ring and lay waste to the current champions. The locker room empties with NXT rookies and local talent in security garb to try and break up the melee. They're having limited success as a couple security guards go flying.

- NXT GM Sir William Regal's music hits. He makes a 6-man tornado tag team match for tonight's main event.

Heavy Machinery vs. Moss & Sabbatelli

Moss in a world of trouble early as the big men go to work. Moss able to grab Knight's tights and bring him back for a clubbing blow. He continues to work over Knight. Tag made to Tino, who is met with a not so nice chant. He lets the chant distract him for a moment until he hits a big drop kick. He literally slaps in his partner who continues the slow decimation. Moss returns the favor with an unfavorable tag. Knight reverses a whip to send Tino in the corner. Tag made and the Dozier goes to work. Splashes abound. He goes into "the caterpillar" (amazing name for the worm considering their gimmick) and drops the elbow. Action starts to get wild and woolly. Tino tries a rope aided roll-up a la last time they met, but the official gets an eye on it. Tag made and The Compactor completes the job.

Winners via Pinfall: Heavy Machinery

- After the match, the anti-Tino chants continue as Heavy Machinery celebrate. Moss goes to check on his downed partner who is looking for some help, but Moss leaves him hanging much to the delight of the crowd.

- Johnny Gargano out to reflect on his loss at TakeOver. Johnny Wrestling met with adoration and a standing ovation. He says it's been a hell of a month. That he was confident going into Philly that he would be the next champ. He says losing sucked, but getting the reaction he got from the fans put it in perspective. What he earned that night was more important than a championship and realized he truly is "Johnny Freakin Wrestling." It's a night he'll never forget, but says there's something else he wont forget: a crutch to the back. He says he's going after Ciampa, one on one.

He's rudely interrupted by a suit clad champ in Andrade "Cien" Almas. His associate Zelina Vega says Gargano didn't earn anything and this should be Almas' time and should have a championship parade. She brings up the fact that Almas has defeated Gargano again, and again, and again and that he's just "Johnny Loser." A big Candice chant breaks out. Zelina with a poke to the chest of Gargano and Candice obliges. Johnny gives the nod of approval and Candice attacks. The champ and associate head for the hills and say they're sick of them and what will it take to make them leave. Johnny says he wants another shot. Zelina said she agrees only if he loses, he leaves NXT. Gargano agrees immediately.

- Shayna Baszler meeting with media. She says she's the most dangerous woman in NXT and there's only three options when you're in the ring with her. Either "tap, nap, or snap." Says Ember merely survived and she's not a real champion.

- Roderick Strong vs. Pete Dunne for the UK Title next week. Interview with Tyler Bate after his loss to Strong last week. He's obviously disappointed with his loss but isn't giving up hope. Talks about his match of the year award and looks forward to having many more with NXT's best.

Bianca Belar vs. Jessix Hill

Handshake offered by Hill, who is a local Georgia girl trained by Dory Funk. Reverse fireman's carry slam. Inverted powerbomb dubbed "The Alley Oop." Short and to the point, no hair whip needed.

Winner via Pinfall: Bianca Belair

- Video package for Kairi Sane, who participated in the Women's Royal Rumble in Philly.

- Tweet from Ember Moon who seems to say she's been cleared for competition and will put her title on the line next week.

SAnitY vs. Undisputed Era (6-Man Tornado Tag Match)

Bell rings and we're off. Tornado tag rules which means everyone is legal so the three separate pairs go off in their separate ways. Cole with Young, Dain with Fish, Wolfe with O'Reilly. So many camera angles, so little time. We go to break to reset.

We're back an SAnitY breaks out the toys from under the ring. Tables, ladders, and chairs, oh my! Fish eats the announce table, but UE makes it even as he hits diving knees into a seated Wolfe on the outside. Dain and Fish now in the ring. The others make their way to the hallway. Wolfe and Young ahead of their opponents in the abysses of Center Stage. Fish able to get ahead while we were taking a beak backstage. Bobby Fish is pretty fancy with a kendo stick, that Dain just catches and throws away. Dain gives chase as Fish swims away. They trade shots on the stage but Fish gets a left hook from Dain, who has a look in his eye. He picks up Fish and it's catch and release into the others on the floor.

We're back and Dain is in control of Cole int he middle of the ring. Dain makes a little fun of "Bay Bay" but a leaping enziguri quiets the big man. Wolfe enters and hits a nice sit-out power bomb for a two as O'Reilly breaks the count. The tag champs go to work with suplexes, but Dain returns after a brief absence with a huge senton. He follows it up with an amazing Michunoku Driver. Cover but Cole nails him with a super kick. All six men down as the crowd starts an NXT chant. EY dodges a super kick and hits one of his own. O'Reilly with a boot and forearm combo. Dain sends Cole outside with a kick to the outside. Cole rests near a setup table, Dain goes for another rolling senton, but ends up getting all table as Cole scoots out of the way. All three members of UE matches up against Wolfe. O'Reilly looking for a big kick as Fish made the hold, but Wolfe ducks and it hits Fish instead. Wolfe fights back but Cole nails a super kick. Covers again but EY makes the save with a kendo stick. ReDragon goes into ROH mode with some finishers. All sorts of offense and near falls. UE in disbelief as Killian Dain crawls his way back in the ring. He takes on all three with lariats and throws. Drop kick, senton, cross body to everyone. Dain gets Fish in the electric chair for a big slam. Makes the cover and gets the three count in a very noticeable comeback.

Winners via Pinfall: SAnitY

- Dain holds his brothers up in an exhausted celebration as we go off the air.


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