WWE Social Media Tease About The Rock, DDP Corrects TMZ Story About Jay-Z, The Big Show

- TMZ has a story here about rap superstar Jay-Z applying to trademark the diamond hand signal for "a variety of entertainment services in either music, video, TV or film." The story added that Diamond Dallas Page had sued the rapper in 2005 which was settled out of court, and wrote that "it doesn't look like DDP ever trademarked it for himself." DDP corrected TMZ and showed his trademark application for the hand gesture, as seen below:


- The Big Show will be appearing at the World of Wheels in the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana this Friday from 6-8 p.m. You can get more details by clicking here.

- As noted, The Rock appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon after the Super Bowl to premiere the trailer of his upcoming movie, Skyscraper, and to announce that he will produce and host the new Titan Games reality competition series that will air on NBC. Several readers contacted us stating that WWE appeared to be teasing The Rock returning to WWE, as they wrote the following on Facebook this afternoon:


It appears to be an error and the person who posted it either forgot to finish the post or include a video because they had tweeted out the same message, but it included "... he adds #SKYSCRAPER and @nbctitangames!"