Adam Page On The Bullet Club Becoming A Pop Culture Phenomenon

Adam Page spoke with Sporting News on the Bullet Club, having matches with the Young Bucks, and where his wrestling career is at right now. Here are some of the highlights:

Having the best time in his wrestling career:

"This is the most fun I've had in my career. The most money I've made in my career. This is the best time in my career and I don't mean that as if the next year won't be or the years after that. So far, it's been a steady incline in everything that I do. I've enjoyed this time and it should be continuing getting bigger."

Working with the Young Bucks:

"When we have these kinds of matches ? myself, Matt and Nick ? we go all out, maybe even more so than we have to or should. I think that's what people can expect. It should be wild. The six-man titles are on the line so we have a lot to fight for."

Joining the Bullet Club and the stable being a part of pop culture:

"[I'm] maybe more confident, maybe more willing to do things like moonsaults off of a balcony or whatever it may be. I'm fortunate that I'm in a good place right now. Fans are really responding to me now so I guess now is the time for me to give back and do that kind of stuff with a little less hesitation. ... Around Christmas time, I passed by a Hot Topic at the mall. They had the Christmas decorations up in the front of the store with AC/DC and Metallica, Harry Potter, Star Wars and Bullet Club. So, we are certainly a part of pop culture. I think its Bullet Club stuff and what we're doing now in wrestling is, honestly, such a big part of pop culture that it's kind of hard to avoid, even if you don't follow wrestling."

Page also discussed leaving teaching and ROH Supercard of Honor. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.