Adam Page On Wanting To Do A Higher Moonsault Than Kota Ibushi, Bullet Club, ROH Championship Match

Adam Page spoke to the Mirror on wanting to have a higher moonsault that Kota Ibushi, joining the Bullet Club, and contending for the ROH World Championship. Here are some of the highlights:

How getting into the Bullet Club came about:

"It was something that was bought up to me and sure enough everyone would love to have that proposed to them. I joined when Bullet Club was starting to grow in America and they had the Young Bucks and Adam Cole, but they needed a third member. I suppose I was in the right place at the right time. It came out of nowhere for me and was a great surprise. I one-hundred percent expected it to be as big as it is. You just have to consider the talent that is involved and their creativity to realize that. I have never met people who work harder than them all."

Upcoming match against Kota Ibushi at Supercard of Honor and wanting to have a higher moonsault than Ibushi:

"It should be a great match. Ibushi is someone I have always wanted to wrestle. I had been trying to make the match happen, calling him out and such. Just to get the match booked, I consider a huge success. And to have this match in front of the biggest stage ROH has ever had says a lot about it. Yes, one-hundred percent the moonsault at the Hammerstein [Ballroom] was a shot at him. I'm pretty sure it's higher than anything he has done."

If beating Ibushi gets him in the conversation for a ROH World Championship match:

"Yes, it definitely would put me into the title talk. Although I like to think that I am already in the pool for that. Winning the world title says that you are the best in the company and if that's not your goal, then you need to get out. I know that's a goal I am trying to make happen."

Page also discussed signing with Ring of Honor. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.