Bayley On How Ronda Rousey Has Been Fitting In WWE, Her Current Angle With Sasha Banks

Bayley was interviewed by The Dallas News to promote next week's WWE television tapings in Dallas. Below are a few highlights:

Her current deal with Sasha Banks:

"It's just a little complicated. Friends and sisters fight all the time, but it's just - I don't know - something that I know we have to handle ourselves, and I'm sure we will soon because it's just been a little awkward."

Where Sasha ranks on her list of favorite opponents:

"She's No. 1. For sure. I've always said that I think she is the best woman to ever step foot in the ring. And maybe that's what bothers me sometimes because I want to be the best. But she's definitely my favorite opponent for many reasons."

How Ronda Rousey has fit in WWE:

"I don't really see her much. She's kind of got her own thing going on, and so do we. But I think she's fitting in well. The crowds really seem to like having her around, and I think she's obviously going to fit in well and learn to adapt pretty easy. But she definitely still needs to earn her stripes, I'd say. And I'd be happy to help her."

Bayley also discussed possibly working with Rousey, being involved in the first-ever women's Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber matches and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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