Becky Lynch And Carmella Trade Shots On Twitter, Johnny Gargano, Shinsuke Nakamura - Canvas 2 Canvas

- Above, Shinsuke Nakamura is featured in this week's Canvas 2 Canvas. Next week's subject will be the Balor Club.

- Johnny Gargano spoke briefly with WKYC-3 about seeing Shawn Michaels wrestle at a young age and knowing he wanted to be a pro wrestler at the age of eight.

"The minute I saw a guy like Shawn Michaels, who is a smaller guy, but he has so much charisma, so much athleticism, when I saw what he could do in the ring, I immediately fell in love with it, and I knew that's what I wanted to be one day," Gargano said. "Unfortunately, in real life, I can't be a Power Ranger and I can't be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, but I can be a professional wrestler. It's something that I am truly passionate about. I've done this since I was eight years old, basically. I started very young, and I'm 30 now, so going on almost 22 years of being around wrestling. It's something that I love very much and that I care very deeply for."

- Carmella is scheduled to take on Becky Lynch on next week's SmackDown and sent a tweet Lynch's way with a photo of a Troll Doll with bright orange hair. Lynch responded that she'll see Carmella next week too and tweeted her a photo of Liv Morgan. Carmella didn't find that joke very original, but took it as a compliment. The Morgan/Carmella reference is because the two have somewhat similar looks/ring attire that Carmella even mentioned back in November when Morgan first made her way to the main roster.


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