Bill DeMott Talks WWE Firing After Naked Stinkface Incident

Bill DeMott was ousted from the WWE in 2015 due to allegations of misconduct during his time as a trainer in the company's developmental territories Deep South Wrestling, Florida Championship Wrestling and NXT. One of the most infamous allegations came when a picture surfaced of Luke Gallows giving Zack Ryder a naked stinkface. DeMott recently spoke to The Hannibal TV and recounted the story.

DeMott said the incident occurred at the end of a week of hard training. The trainees decided they wanted a day off so they offered to make a deal with DeMott. Someone, presumably Ryder, volunteered to take a stinkface with a jelly doughnut in his mouth and DeMott accepted. The stunt worked and the developmental wrestlers were excused from practice that day.

DeMott said the reason the incident surfaced six years after it occurred was because a disgruntled employee decided to leak information when he was fired from the WWE. DeMott maintains that there was no malice behind the stunt, but rather it was a deal agreed upon by everyone who was in attendance.

"They made a deal, they didn't want to train. They made a deal. What's the deal? 'I'll give somebody a squisher bare-a**ed with a jelly doughnut in their mouth.' I look around at 40 people and I went, 'Deal!' Guy gets naked, other guy sits in the corner with a jelly doughnut in his mouth, he runs across the ring, hits the Rikishi a** bump, squishes it all over the face. Funniest thing I've ever seen in my life," DeMott said. "Everybody goes, 'OK, we're done, everybody can go home, no training, no nothing.' That was the deal. Six years later, that picture comes out on the internet: 'Bill DeMott makes students train naked.'... Now, was it the smartest deal I ever made? No. But it was funny as hell. You're in a room with a bunch of people, all on the same page, they're tired for the week. Give me a deal and we're out. They made a deal, we stuck to the deal. Six years later somebody who was let go from the company and wasn't satisfied told a different story: 'DeMott makes people train naked.' I'm an internet sensation overnight... There was no malice, there was no nothing, it was a story innocent with a bunch of men and women who trained together every day, that when things weren't going their way, turned around and handed it to somebody else."

DeMott said if he had to do it all over again, he probably wouldn't change what he did. He said developmental wrestlers start to get jaded as training intensifies, and he wishes he helped them understand the process better.

"To be honest I probably would do the same exact thing, but letting them know the repercussions... You start to feel entitled: 'Now you're paying me and now I don't want to do it so you have to find a way to make me feel better about myself.' So that was on me," DeMott said. "That's the one thing I would tell myself now: stick to what you know. Not, don't worry about hurting people's feelings or make them feel better about themselves, help them realize early on of what's needed and what it is."

Source: The Hannibal TV