Cody Says "I Am The Leader Of Bullet Club," Kenny Omega Rates Brandi Rhodes' Kiss, NJPW Tour

- Above, Cody spoke with ROH Announcer Ian Riccaboni after Friday's ROH 16th Anniversary (full results here). Cody called out Omega for kissing his wife (Brandi kissed him) and for not wrestling as much as Cody does. He continued, "I am the leader of Bullet Club and I am the hero in this story."

- NJPW had their first ever tour in Australia last month and all four shows are now available on NJPW World. Just a note, you do have to subscribe to the service (about $9 a month) to see them.

- Speaking of Brandi and Kenny's kiss, on Twitter, Brandi wrote, "Kenny's dream came true last the expense of my sweet lips." Omega responded with a rating of "2 out of 10." Brandi quickly replied, "Inches??? Tough break Cleaner." Cody and Kenny will face off one on one at ROH Supercard of Honor XII on April 7 in New Orleans.


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