Elias On If He Prefers John Cena Or Braun Strowman At WrestleMania

Elias spoke with Planeta Wrestling and was asked about if he could choose his WrestleMania 34 opponent would it be John Cena or Braun Strowman? Over the past few months, Elias has had run-ins with both WWE Superstars, most recently getting a piano dropped on him by Strowman in their Symphony of Destruction Match on last week's Raw.

"Well, the way things went down with Braun Strowman last week, I absolutely have some unfinished business with him," Elias said. "He went and smashed a piano on me, but guess what? I'm here right now, I'm talking to you, and yeah, I gotta take care of Braun Strowman one way or another. I'm definitely not done with him."

Below are clips from Elias taking on Strowman in that Symphony of Destruction Match.

Elias also has a bit of a storied history with John Cena, losing to him on an episode of Raw on Christmas Day. At Raw 25, the two met again with Elias attacking Cena with his guitar. After that he was eliminated by Cena at this year's Royal Rumble. Last month, Elias was able to defeat both Strowman and Cena in a triple threat match to decide who would enter the Elimination Chamber last.

In the interview, Elias made sure to hedge his bets just in case Strowman had other plans for WWE's biggest show of the year.

"If Braun Strowman is not up to the challenge, I'll absolutely step up to John Cena."

You can see the full interview in the video above.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Planeta Wrestling with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.


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