Eric Bischoff On Past Heat With Ric Flair And What He Thinks Of Him, Triple H Trains (Video), Debra

- Above is video from Eric Bischoff's recent WWE Photo Shoot episode. Bischoff discusses his relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair.

"Talk about an up & down relationship, we've had it all in the 25 years we've known each other. We've had some of the greatest memories but we've had difficulties, we've had challenges. We were able to take those challenges and those difficulties we had, from a business and personal point of view, and weave them successfully into storylines that ended up being some of the best storylines I think we had on Nitro. A lot of respect for Ric Flair, he's just a great guy."

- Former WWE Women's Champion Debra turns 58 years old today. Also, today would have been the 37th birthday of former WWE star Lance Cade and the 53rd birthday of Hall of Famer Mike Von Erich.

- Below is Triple H's latest "Midnight Workout" clip and a look at his crazy travel schedule from the past week:


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