Flip Gordon On If He Really Is A Flat-Earther, Why He Chose ROH Over Impact Wrestling, His Goal

ROH star Flip Gordon was recently interviewed by Wrestling with Ideas. You can check out the full interview by clicking here, they sent us the highlights below:

If Flip could become a regular in CMLL and NJPW:

"I would love to. I mean that's my goal. I would love to eventually not be doing indies. Just be doing Ring of Honor, New Japan, and CMLL. I love travelling. I love going international and I love those other new styles because CMLL was a new style for me. New Japan was a new style for me. Wrestling in those places will make me a better performer in the long run."

Impact Wrestling reaching out to him and why he chose ROH:

"They [Impact] were actually the first ones to reach out to me... I had already worked for Ring of Honor in Baltimore in that tryout match pretty much with Matt Sydal and I had so many friends working there [ROH]. I already had been there so I knew how they ran and in my opinion, it was just the better option for me and where I was at at the time and I still think it was the best option."

Does Flip Gordon really believe that the Earth is flat?

"(Laughs)... Yes and no. Flip Gordon believes that the earth is flat because he is a Twitter troll. Travis [his real name] does not, no. Flip Gordon, Evil Flip, he's got a t-shirt now about the flat earth and you can go buy that at ProWrestlingTees.com/TheFlipGordon. So if it's going to make me money, I believe in it."

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