Flip Gordon On Japanese Crowds Appreciating Wrestlers, His Favorite ROH Matches, More

Flip Gordon spoke with Top Rope Nation on the differences between working the U.S. and Japan, his favorite ROH matches, and how he's able to control his body so well in the air. Here are some of the highlights:

The differences between U.S. and Japanese wrestling fans:

"I feel like American fans are so 'gimme, gimme, gimme.' They expect us to go out of our way. Whereas Japanese fans are just so grateful just to see you. Their mannerisms are just so much more. They always say 'please,' they always say 'thank you.' Some Americans will just be like. 'Hey can I get a picture?' or 'Give me a picture' instead of, 'Can I please get a picture?' They're just so much more passionate over there as a country. They'll bring gifts to the show for wrestlers. It's just a completely different culture and it's so cool because wrestling over there is a legit sport and that's how they treat it. Whereas here in America there's so much wrestling, it's taken for granted."

Where he learned to control his body in the air:

"I wanted to do gymnastics as a kid, but my Mom couldn't afford it. So I kind of just taught myself how to do flips in the backyard. Then when I went to college, I dated a cheerleader and she really helped me because she was into gymnastics. So, she kind of coached me and then her coaches coached me and advanced my gymnastics so much more. That's why I have so much control over my body when I'm in the air."

Favorite Ring of Honor matches:

"Oh man, me and Cody is definitely one of the funnest matches I've ever had. Definitely going to be a match I'll remember for a while. Me and Marty [Scurll] also had a really good match in Philly for TV. If I want to watch a match that I love and have very little things that I would change, I watch Cody, Marty, and [Will] Ospreay."

Gordon also discussed getting into wrestling and rising through the ranks. You can hear the full interview by clicking here. Top Rope Nation is also available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and TuneIn.


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