Impact Wrestling Crossroads Results (3/8): Austin Aries Vs. Johnny Impact, Title Vs. Title Match

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- Earlier today, Austin Aries and Johnny Impact enter the building

- Josh Mathews and Sonjay Dutt welcome us to tonight's show and preview all of tonight's matches.

- Recap of the rivalry between LAX and Cult of Lee.

LAX (c) vs. Cult of Lee (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

LAX with the quick attack on Lee and Konley, both teams pair off on the floor with LAX getting best of the challengers at first "LAX!" chant rings out through the crowd as Lee gets sent face-first into the steel steps. Santana finally throws Konley into the ring so we can get this thing officially started. Chops from Santana, tags in Ortiz, Konley tries to fight his way out of the corner, but LAX with a flurry of double team moves, second rope moonsault/leg drop as we head to break.

Back from break, Konley is now in control thanks to some help from Lee during commercials. Plenty of back and forth action, Santana with a massive flip over the top rope down to the floor! Santana and Ortiz go to work on Konley who gets some help from Lee to slow down the champs. Konley with a samoan driver, Ortiz shoves Lee into Konley and Santana to break up the pin. Ortiz sent to the floor, Lee tries for his big apron punt but Ortiz catches it and yanks him down. Ortiz then helps out his partner who is stuck up on the top rope. LAX tries for street sweeper, Lee breaks it up, but Santana still hits a senton on Konley. Konnan able to tripe up Lee and remove him from the equation, street sweeper hit and that will do.

Winners: LAX via Pinfall to retain the Impact World Tag Team Championship

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Lashley who is now down a partner with Eddie Edwards getting injured by Sami Callihan last week. Lashley says he's called "Walking Armageddon" for a reason and he's going to go out and shut up oVe for good.

- GWN Flashback of the Week: Monty Brown taking on Christian who gets the pinfall victory after hitting the unprettier to retain the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

- Earlier today, Alberto El Patron entered the building.

- Backstage, Matt Sydal says he's bringing both titles as one, because we're all one.

Impact X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori vs. Impact Grand Champion Matt Sydal (Title vs. Title Match)

Couple clean rope breaks gets us started. Ishimori using his agility to get the best of Sydal, big flying knee, and goes for a submission. Sydal able to reverse, pin, two. Sydal with a dragon screw leg whip and instantly goes into a single-leg boston crab. Sydal continues to focus on the leg, looking to ground his opponent. Sydal tries yet again to work the leg but gets a kick to the face.

Sydal recovers and ties up Ishimori who is able to break the hold by getting to the bottom rope. Sydal with a bunch of kicks to Ishimori's leg, Ishimori able to land a springboard kick, running double knees in the corner and finishes with a double stop. Goes for a pin, two-count. Ishimori drops Sydal on his face, Sydal really selling his face now as he's had a lot of damage to it from Ishimori's kicks. Ishimori goes up top but Sydal with a hurricanrana to yank him down, pin, two-count.

Sliding German suplex by Sydal, tries for a standing moonsault, knees up blocks that and Sydal heads to the floor. Ishimori with a golden moonsault to the floor and follows it up with a hurricanrana out on the floor. Both wrestlers trade some pin attempt, but neither able to seal with deal. Ishimori charges in, gets kicked in the chest, Sydal with double knees off the top rope, covers, two. Sydal drops Ishimori, heads to the top and tries for a shooting star press, lands on his feet. Ishimori with the double knees to the face and now he heads to the top rope, but takes too long.

Sydal sits him down on top rope, goes for a kicked, but it's blocked. Ishimori tries for a 450 splash, knees up! Sydal goes up against shooting star press lands and that will do it, Sydal is a double champion!

Winner: Matt Sydal via Pinfall to win the X Division Championship

- Earlier today, Allie is asked if she's ready for her upcoming Knockouts Championship match. She said if she was asked that a year ago, she didn't think she would be ready, but now, she's ready and will dedicate the win to her mentor, Gail Kim.

Laurel Van Ness (c) vs. Allie (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Van Ness can't even get to the ring as Allie attacks her out on the ramp. Allie brings her ringside and hits a few chops. Van Ness gets in the ring and Allie throws her face first into the second turnbuckle. Allie with a sliding elbow and gets some praise from the crowd. She tries for a boot to Van Ness' head, misses and gets sent into the ring post, crashing to the floor.

"Allie" chant breaks out and Van Ness hits a dropkick and swings away wildly at her challenger. Allie stuck in the corner and gets stomped down into the mat. Van Ness tries for a slap, misses, Allie hits and lands a german suplex. Van Ness trips Allie who hits the second rope. Van Ness climbs to the top rope and tries for a double stomp, rolls throw. Allie hits a codebreaker, but can't get up for a pin attempt.

Allie lands some forearms, with tons of fire now she hits a few clotheslines and a drop kick that sends Van Ness' head into the turnbuckle, suplex into the turnbuckle, pin, two. Van Ness tries to kick away Allie, who catches it and flips her out to the floor. The Champion sends Allie into the apron, sits her down in a chair, charges in, but Allie moves and sends her face first into the chair. Van Ness hits an unprettier on the floor and then heads into the ring yelling for the ref to count. Allie looks to be completely out of it.

Allie gets multiple curbs stomps into the turnbuckle and then a final one straight into the mat, but she's able to grab the bottom rope to break it up. Laurel is looking frustrated now as she heads over to grab the title. Swings, misses, Allie with an Allie Valley Driver, superkick, pin, 1-2-3!

Winner: Allie via Pinfall to win the Impact Knockouts Championship

- Backstage after the match Gail Kim claps and hugs Allie who tears up a bit.

- Backstage, McKenzie talks with Austin Aries and asks how he's feeling. Aries says his back hurts a bit because he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He's not just the champion here, but he's defending championship all over he world. Aries says for Johnny everything comes easy to him, but not tonight. Aries says Johnny is going to have to be mean and nasty if he wants to have a chance of winning the title.

- Interview with Sami Callihan about Eddie Edwards getting into oVe's business as they try to shut down Lashley. We see about 10 different angles of last week's segment where Callihan blasted Edwards in the face with a baseball bat. On his way to an ambulance, Edwards says he's not done with Callihan.

oVe (with Sami Callihan) vs. Lashley

Dave and Jake get the quick attack on Lashley before he gets to the ring. The two go to work on Lashley in the ring until we finally get Jake vs. Lashley. Lashley tries for a suplex on Jake, Dave saves him for a moment, but Lashley hits a double suplex on oVe. He then tosses Jake across the ring and looks for a spear. Callihan grabs his legs for the distraction, Jake with a kick, tries for a pin, two-count as we go to break.

oVe continues to dominate with help of Callihan on the outside. Lashley not having any luck going up against three wrestlers. Suddenly, Brian Cage shows up, tags himself in and tosses Jake aside, multiple kicks to Dave sends him to the corner. Cage picks up Dave, Jake tries to jump down on him and Cage doesn't even move! He ends up doing a powerbomb/power slam combo on both guys. Callihan comes in with a bat, but Lashley spears him. Cage hits the drill claw for the victory.

Winners: Lashley and Brian Cage via Pinfall

- Post-match, Lashley looked a little confused, but holds his hand out for a handshake. Cage just looks at him for a moment and decides to head to the back.

- Backstage, McKenzie talks with Johnny Impact about tonight's championship match. Johnny says it's true, things do come easy to him, but he doesn't walk around calling himself "The greatest man who ever lived" and he doesn't come to Impact with other wrestling promotion titles. He continues the only thing he is concerned about is winning the Impact World Championship.

Austin Aries (c) vs. Johnny Impact (Impact World Championship)

Johnny getting the best of Aries early on, Aries takes a short breather as the crowd chants "Johnny!" Plenty of chain wrestling early, nobody has really got a lot of momentum thus far into the match. Johnny gets draped over the second rope, Aries leaps over the top rope and hammers down on Johnny's neck. Back from the break, both men are in the ring, Johnny with some flips on Aries, tries for a pin, two. Johnny with a nice neckbreaker right into a backbreaker, pin, two.

Johnny tries for a springboard into the ring, Aries sweeps the legs and Johnny goes crashing down to the floor. Aries heads to the top rope, waits, and hits a flying forearm on Johnny. Johnny in the ring, Aries with a float-over senton, running elbow lands as well. Aries gets tied up in the ropes, Johnny with multiple kicks and a sliding german suplex. Johnny with a double springboard kick! Cover and still gets two. "This is awesome!" from the live crowd.

Leg lariat, spinning shooting star, pins, two. Aries tries for a pin with a handful of tights, instantly goes into last chancery, but Johnny gets his foot on ropes. Aries hits some clubbing blows to Johnny's back and looks for a suplex, Johnny ends up reversing that and sitting him up on the top turnbuckle. Tries for spanish fly, nope, Johnny hits a kick, gets back up and nails a beautiful spanish fly from the second rope! Johnny with countdown to impact, rolls through, Aries with a big lariat, tries for a neckbreaker on the rope, Johnny reverses with a kick. Both on the apron, fighting back and forth, Aries with a death valley driver on the apron! Neckbreaker on the ropes, Aries charges in, gets caught in midair. Johny tries for starship pain, no, Aries with a running dropkick hits a brainbuster, 1-2-3.

Winner: Austin Aries via Pinfall to retain the Impact World Championship

- Post-match, the two hug in the ring. Alberto El Patron comes out to the stage clapping and laughing for a really long time as Aries talks some trash towards him.


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