Impact Wrestling Results (3/1): Multiple Title Matches Set, Laurel Van Ness Commitment Ceremony

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- Recap of last week's number one contender match between EC3 and Johnny Impact, Johnny picked up the pinfall victory. EC3 initially came out with Tyrus, but the two had some issues mid-match and Tyrus walked out on EC3.

EC3 vs. Tyrus

EC3 does a whole lot of yelling at a stoic Tyrus who finally shoves him into the corner. EC3 bounces to the floor and does some stretching, stalls a bunch, taunts the crowd, and finally gets back-- nope, heads back to the crowd. He goes over to a fan and borrows their phone for a moment. He finally gets in the ring, Tyrus grabs him by the hand and EC3 yells in pain. Tyrus puts his hand on the mat and stomps it. EC3 again bounces to the floor and complains. He get son the apron, Tyrus approaches and EC3 yanks his neck over the top rope.

EC3 tries for some chops and clotheslines, but they do nothing. EC3 then tries for a body slam, but that's not happening. This is very much a comical match as EC3 is really hamming it up in the ring. Multiple inverse atomic drops and Tyrus slams his backside into a cornered EC3. He bounces to the floor and tries run away for Tyrus, he gets back in the ring and starts hammering away on Tyrus as he enters.

EC3 finally gets some momentum until EC3 hits a t-bone suplex and running splash in the corner. Ref tries to break them up in the corner, EC3 with a rake of the eyes and tries for a one-percenter, nope. Tyrus hits a one percenter of his own and chokeslams EC3 to the mat, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: Tyrus via Pinfall

- Backstage, Joseph Park on the phone with Grandma Jenny. He says he'll take on Kongo Kong by himself and asks if she believes in him, she doesn't and nor does Joseph.

- Creepy Cam, oVe looks over a bunch of Impact Star photos until they get to Eddie Edwards (who's photo is all torn up) and Callihan puts it together. Callihan says Edwards wanted to stick his nose in their business and now they are coming after him. Because oVe is taking over everything! Everything! Everything!

- Sonjay Dutt and Josh Mathews preview some of tonight's match.

El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Braxton Sutter

Sutter getting the best of Fantasma early on until Fantasma hits a hurricanrana. Fantasma on the apron, kick to the head, Fantasma to the top rope crossbody misses. Saxton pounces with a short-arm clothesline. Fantasma hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Sutter recovers and began swinging and stomping away at Fantasma in the corner. Fantasma kicks Sutter away to the floor, arrow from the depths of hell lands cleanly.

Sutter crushes Fantasma on the apron, tries for a pin and puts his feet on the rope, but only a two-count. Sutter with a powerbomb, tries a pin with a handful of tights, still only two. Fantasma gets Sutter on his shoulders hits the thrill of the hunt, pin, 1-2-3.

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma via Pinfall

- Post-match, Sutter gets on the mic, "So that's it huh? This is Braxton Sutter on Impact Wrestling." He says Allie isn't out here because he ruins lives. Sutter says he's the biggest star on Impact and he can't believe the disrespect of not even getting an entrance tonight. Out comes Brian Cage who hits a discus lariat and hits the drill claw to put Sutter down. Cage then heads to the back as we go to break.

- Vignette of Matt Sydal who says the path to enlightenment is never easy as we see clips of him losing to EC3, but then he's able to overcome. Sydal says he wants to reveal to everyone who his spiritual guide.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks more with Matt Sydal. Taiji Ishimori shows up and gives Sydal a scroll that says they should each put up their titles in X Division vs. Grand Championship match. Ishimori calls Sydal a "d-bag" and Sydal storms off. Next week the two will meet.

Kongo Kong (with Jimmy Jacobs) vs. Joseph Park

Park tries multiple chops, but that only angers Kongo who easily drops him. Kongo then chokes and swings away at Park in the corner. Park gives Kongo a headbutt, but that hurt Park more and he ends up stumbling to the mat. Big splash in the corner by Kongo, followed up by a cannonball. Kongo heads to the top rope and lands a massive splash from the top rope, pin, and that will do it.

Winner: Kongo Kong via Pinfall

- Post-match, Jacobs gets on the mic and asks Park real nicely one more time to bring Abyss back. Park says no as Kongo chokes him with Jacobs' scarf. Jacobs asks if Abyss is going to come out, Park continues to say "No!" Jacobs says if that's the case, then they're just getting started.

- At an outdoor party, Caleb Konley and Trevor Lee are celebrating since they have LAX shook. Lee says just wait until they get those Impact Tag Titles. Mumbai Cats randomly show up. Lee apologizes for attacking them a few weeks back because Lee and Konley thought they were someone else. Suddenly, Konnan shows up and starts talking a lot of trash. Lee says Konnan is an old man talking a lot of junk for someone who is all alone. The Mumbai Cats remove their masks and we see it's actually Ortiz and Santana. The duo attack and yank the Cult of Lee over to a pool and shove Lee and Konley's face in the water. LAX then tosses both guys in the pool and say they will be back for those bandannas.

- Backstage, Alberto El Patron sends a message to Austin Aries and Johnny Impact that at some point one of them will have to face him. He continues that he will get that title back and become champion for a second time.

Hania vs. Rosemary

Hania charges in, but gets a bunch of chops to the chest and launched across the ring. A laughing Rosemary sends her flying across the ring one more time, clothesline, pin, two. Hania gets back into this with a spinning kick, charges in, gets elbowed in the face and Rosemary locks in an upside down submission. Crowd with a "Rosemary!" chant. Big missile dropkick off the top rope, exploder suplex, pin, two-count. Rosemary with Red Wedding and this one is already over. Rosemary controlling a big chunk of this one.

Winner: Rosemary via Pinfall

- Post-match, Rosemary gets on the mic with a "Rosemary!" chant breaking out. Rosemary says the wolf is nothing but a puppy and the demon assassin is the alpha b----! Rosemary says it's time to take back what rightfully belongs to the shadows, "We want that Knockouts Championship!" Taya Valkyrie's music hits and out comes Valkyrie. Rosemary looks beyond elated to see Taya as she slowly makes her way to the ring with a bit of a "royal walk." Taya gets in the ring and takes the mic. "Did you miss me?" Valkyrie says Rosemary isn't "alpha b----," she's "Taya's b----." Rosemary gets in her face, ready to fight "Now!" but Valkyrie backs off. Rosemary backs off too and goes to head to the back, Taya rushes in and attacks. Taya taunts Rosemary's fans and then gives Road to Valhalla on the ramp. Taya climbs on Rosemary and laughs loudly, stands, and yells "I'm the best! Not Rosemary!"

- GWN Flashback of the Week is Lashley vs. Eddie Edwards. Edwards won the World Championship after hitting the boston knee party.

- We're about to have a commitment ceremony between Laurel Van Ness and her Impact Knockouts Championship. KM walks the title down to the ring. KM then introduces Laurel Van Ness who comes down barefoot and in a pink dress. Laurel throws the bouquet over her head and she goes down the ramp. KM says he's an ordained minister and has married a lot of people. Laurel says to get to the good part, KM asks if anyone objects. It's quite at first, but then Braxton Sutter shows up with a neck brace on. He says after getting dropped by Brian Cage his life flashed before his eyes and he realized the only thing important to him was Laurel.

Sutter says a year ago he made a huge mistake by leaving her at the alter and going with Allie. Sutter says he loves Laurel and proposes to her. "No!" Laurel yells a bunch of times and tells him to go. KM says "Epic fail, bro!" KM then asks if anyone has any objects as Laurel stumbles around the ring. Nobody says anything, Laurel gets mad as she yells that nobody has any problems, not even Allie? Allie sneaks in from behind with a disguise on and beats up Laurel. The champion grabs her title and heads to the back as Allie stares her down from the ring.

- Johnny Impact and Austin Aries hype their upcoming Impact World Championship match on next week's show.

Sami Callihan (with Jake and Dave Crist) vs. Eddie Edwards

We're off to a fast start with multiple suicide dives to the floor by both wrestlers. Multiple chops by Edwards on the outside, Edwards throws Callihan back in the ring, Jake ends up pulling Edwards back down to the floor, Referee throws both Jake and Dave out. Callihan with a big boot from the apron as we go to break. Multiple clotheslines, atomic drop, overhead release suplex by Edwards. The match continues at a fast pace with the crowd really into this one.

Both now on the apron, Callihan with an eye rake and hits a piledriver on the apron! Referee starts his ten count on Edwards. He gets back in the ring and sit-out powerbomb by Callihan, pin, two-count. Edwards gets launched into the corner as the crowd gets an "Eddie!" chant going. Jawbreaker by Edwards in the middle of the ring. Both men end up on the top rope, supeplex by Edwards, who's slow to get up himself. Step-up kick, backpack stunner, pin, 1-2-no! Callihan with a kick to the face and a spinning neckbreaker, pin, two. Back and forth kicks and both men are now down. They get up and we see even more kicks from both guys, superkick by Edwards, big lariat by Callihan who tries for a pin, but gets counted, pinned, and that will do it.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall

- Post-match, Callihan grabs a bat and then drops Edwards. Lashley tries to help, but oVe intercept him. Callihan grabs a chair and throws it in the ring. He puts the chair on Edwards' chest, swings the bat and it ends up ricocheting off and clips Edwards in the face. We then see oVe continue to beat up on Lashley in the back. Callihan gives a thumbs up and thumbs down to end the show.


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